Last chance operation for Liam, born without a left ear

Last chance operation for Liam, born without a left ear
Last chance operation for Liam, born without a left ear

By Elodie Lepicq
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May 2, 24 at 12:14

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Liam was born in Lorient (Morbihan) without ear left and without ear canal. A malformation called aplasia. Now aged seven months, the little boy would need to undergo two operationsbut the problem is that they are only available in the United States and cost 130,000 euros. His parents want a surge of solidarity to finance this operation.

A birth defect

Sara Leclerc is the mother of twins, Liam and Livia, aged seven months. “My pregnancy was very well attended. Pregnancy twin is considered at risk, I had regular check-ups and everything was going very well. I went all the way through my pregnancy and I was even triggered,” she rewinds.

During childbirth, it is Livia who will come to join his mother first before Liam arrives in turn.

Except this time, the doctors do not present the child to the mother and take him away. “I understand that something is wrong, the delivery room becomes silent, it’s panic for me. »

A few moments later, the pediatrician returns and tells Sara that her son was born with malformation, he has no left ear. “It was hard, because we weren’t prepared for it,” she sighs.

One case in 15,000 births

Ear aplasia is a rare case and therefore little known in France. In Liam’s case, the baby boy was born without left earbut also without an ear canal.

In France, there is no operation that can create this missing conduit. It is therefore towards the United States that the couple decides to turn. There, a few doctors perform the operation.

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For Sara and her husband, the operation is a chance for their son.

We want him to grow up normally, to have the same opportunities as all children. When a person cannot hear with one ear, many professions are closed to them, for example.

Unfortunately, you have to pay 130,000 euros and it is impossible for them to make a loan.

You can’t take a loan from the bank when it comes to health.

The couple then launches a jackpot in order to be able to raise the necessary funds and give Liam the chance to hear with both ears.

A race against time

According to the medical profession, the ideal age to perform this operation is three years for a weight of fifteen kilos approximately. At this age, a child’s ears will have reached 80% of their adult size.

And time is running out because according to doctors, from the age of eight or ten, without surgery, hearing will not be recoverable.

For now, the little boy is fitted since the age of three months. A device that he supports well, but which remains restrictive.

With his device, Liam cannot filter out sounds, much less locate the sounds. “A noisy room with a person speaking to him will require an effort to concentrate. At school, this may become difficult. Not to mention that the children at school will point out his difference,” as his mother explains.

An operation for great successes

The operation obtains achievements surrounding the 100%. In Liam’s case, a first operation should be carried out to create an ear canal. An operation that should be carried out San Francisco.

The second operation would be used to aesthetic repair from his left ear. This would be carried out at Los Angeles.

To explain his story, try to raise the funds necessary for Liam’s operations and also support other children like Liam, Sara, his mother, created an association “Liam little ears great hope” as well as an online fundraiser. As we write these lines, 3,475 euros were collected.

For the benefit of Liam’s operations, the association can also receive donations in checks at 40 rue de l’amiral Boué de Lapeyrère, 56600 Lorient.

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