600 social, very social and intermediate housing units delivered this year

600 social, very social and intermediate housing units delivered this year
600 social, very social and intermediate housing units delivered this year

Social housing, senior residences, youth residences or even intermediate housing with terrace or garden… in Saint-Denis “we build”. The municipality has developed a “real housing policy” on its territory. This year, moreover, 600 social, very social and intermediate housing units will be delivered out of the 852 under construction. 300 housing units have also obtained a building permit (Photo: city of Saint-Denis)

“In Saint-Denis, we build. Beyond quantity, the emphasis is placed on quality,” indicates the town hall in a press release.

“A housing policy where people are considered, with the main objective of being “well housed.”

– Saint-Denis, “tense city” –

The capital wishes to integrate the rent control experiment. With an increase of 31% in 5 years, Réunion is one of the departments where rents are the highest in France, notably Saint-Denis.

“Some residents even spend 80% of their income to pay for their housing. However, without legislative changes, there will be no clear improvement. The Minister of Overseas Territories, Sébastien Lecornu, signed a letter of intent in 2020 to translate political will and agreement to launch a large housing renovation and construction plan. The State must resume its responsibilities in the face of this alarming situation.”

Furthermore, the Solidarity and Urban Renewal (SRU) law aims to rebalance the supply of social and affordable housing throughout the territory. It requires the most populated municipalities to have a minimum share of social housing within their residential stock. “In Saint-Denis, 38% of housing is social, well beyond the 34% imposed by the SRU rate. It is the first municipality on the island in terms of social housing with more than 30% of housing in favor of least advantaged citizens.”

“Despite its efforts, the city is part of the second region most affected by the lack of social housing. The mandate is thus continuing its actions to compensate for the offers which do not meet the increasing number of demands. For the municipality committed to helping the most disadvantaged, the construction of social housing is, beyond a legal obligation, a moral obligation aimed at providing a united response to the needs of people who need affordable housing,” adds the community.

– In Reunion, nearly 140,000 people are poorly housed –

The latest report from the Abbé Pierre Foundation demonstrates an extremely worrying situation. More than 140,000 Reunion Islanders are poorly housed. Today, the housing crisis impacts 4 out of 10 Reunion Islanders (proportionally twice as many as in mainland France).

“To alleviate this situation, the mandate plans to work hand in hand with the Foundation,” specifies the town hall.

The objective of the Abbé Pierre foundation is, within five years, to move towards reducing homelessness.

“To make positive progress, we must work collectively, for the good of all. In order to make things happen further, Saint-Denis wishes to work with other organizations so that each actor takes their responsibilities.”

With this objective, the city of Saint-Denos plans to sign an agreement with the Abbé Pierre Foundation, in order to continue its fight against unworthy and precarious housing, to pool and optimize resources in order to achieve results in favor of men. and women on the street or in situations of poor housing.

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