Interview. Table tennis. Bertrand Arcil (Caen TTC): “We will have a team to move up to Pro A”

Interview. Table tennis. Bertrand Arcil (Caen TTC): “We will have a team to move up to Pro A”
Interview. Table tennis. Bertrand Arcil (Caen TTC): “We will have a team to move up to Pro A”

By Alexandre Gourlaouen
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May 2, 24 at 12:16

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Despite the victory over La Romagna on the final day (3-0), Caen TTC did not manage to save his place in Pro A. Demoted to the second division, Caen president Bertrand Arcil is not dejected however. It has only one objective: immediate ascent.

How do you feel after this descent?

It’s a bit confusing. I don’t think we’re the team that deserved to go down, but we have fewer points than the others. It was a completely distorted championship, with the Lebrun brothers not playing every match. In the end, we play four matches in a week without knowing why. The federation does not properly support the Pro A teams. And then especially the teams at the top of the table who, when the championship is played, do not play with their typical teams and as a result leave three points to Chartres and Thorigné-Fouillard . If we don’t play with the same teams, the championship is completely unequal. There’s a little feeling where I don’t think we deserved to go down, but we’re going down. It comes down to one point. But life doesn’t end there. The club is structured, we have 15% more members, we are still developing the inclusive, sports-health section…

Financially, how will you be impacted by this descent to Pro B?

We’ll see, we’ll wait for the appointments. We will see the attitudes of the partners in the coming months. Some have re-signed, others are waiting. We will see the difference at the end of the season.

What are the impacts of this departure of the elite for the club?

We don’t leave the elite. Pro B is still among the elite of France, even without being Pro A. We have four Pro A level players who have signed for Caen, which also means that the club certainly has a good image, a project that still attracts. We are proposing a team for next year which will surely play for the title.

Leaders who disappointed

You were supposed to play with Wang Yang, but you barely had him with you.

No. We brought in Anders Lind to compensate for the departure of Wang Yang. We knew he had to leave in November at the latest. It was linked to the birth of his daughter and his return there. And we couldn’t afford to pay two players who are among the top 30 in the world. Anders Lind was there to replace him and score just as well. Unfortunately, neither Antoine (Hachard) nor Anders Lind have 50% wins this season. This is what puts us in trouble.

The disappointment is Anders Lind?

Yes, we’re not going to hide it. He had a start to the season that was not good at all. If he had even had 60 or 70% victories, we would keep up. Afterwards, it’s high-level sport. He wasn’t quite there.

Ambitions in Pro B

Is it important to be ambitious from the start after the descent?

Every club is ambitious. We only live for that, to experience emotions. We’ve had some good ones this year, some not so good ones. Pro B also has a good level and we will have a strong team to win the title and immediately move up to Pro A.

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This season should allow us to relaunch something? Antoine Hachard said he remembered the rise to Pro A very well.

I remain convinced that the atmosphere and the stakes will be greater next year than they were this year. We want to return to Pro A so we are giving ourselves the means to do so. Without putting the club in financial jeopardy.

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