Strong mobilization during the union parade in Dakar, May 1, 2024

After years of moderate celebrations, Senegalese trade union centers chose to mark Labor Day 2024 with a major parade in Dakar, the highlight of which was Place de L’Indépendant, on Wednesday May 1 from 8 a.m. The procession, largely supported by the informal sector, began on Avenue Macky Sall and ended with fanfare at the final destination.

Workers from all backgrounds, accompanied by their leaders and families, demonstrated their solidarity with colorful outfits and protest signs. The parade took place in a peaceful spirit, hinting at a variety of common demands such as salary improvements and better health coverage. The stages of the route were punctuated by stops, notably on Avenue Ponty, where union officials and certain authorities joined the mass to hear the grievances.

In this impressive demonstration of solidarity, the informal sector stood out for its massively assertive presence, with workers and street merchants who braved the assembly to expose their specific needs such as the preservation of their work areas and the protection of local fishing.

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