Carnot Mica, the facilitator between companies and researchers

Carnot Mica, the facilitator between companies and researchers
Carnot Mica, the facilitator between companies and researchers

Edition: Mulhouse/South Alsace – May 2, 2024

It is one of the 18 laboratories and technical centers that make up Carnot Mica. Since its creation in 2011, the Mulhouse institute has facilitated the rapprochement between these companies which thirst for innovation and researchers in search of concrete results.

There are 39 Carnot Mica in France. All atypical. Entities created to respond directly to manufacturers. This laboratory works on all maturity scales of the company, supporting it according to its needs. The first consists of carrying out scientific research without an application aim, “ without any idea, very often, of what we can do with it », underlines Lionel Limousy, Director of Carnot Mica Mulhouse. This first step makes it possible to identify a proof of concept. Proof of concept is the next step, a necessary step to change scale. The last step consists of industrializing it for marketing. This takes 15 to 20 years.

Some large groups in anticipation

The Carnot Mica Institute is the gateway to any company wishing to work with a research structure. “ There is a concern for language, communication and objectives between companies and laboratories. Our role is to facilitate this access to R&D, by becoming their single point of contact. », explains Lionel Limousy. In anticipation, large groups carry out anticipatory research over 15 years. “ Some have their proof of concept and want to go further. This change of scale requires an investment. They are then only three or five years away from being put on the market.. »

For any size business, whatever its sector of activity

This research is aimed at any type of company, whether an SME or a large group. “ Research is done for everyone, explains Lionel Limousy. And besides, we bring them to us to demystify the world of research and show them that these are people like them. » A rapprochement between the two worlds which meet around common objectives and which move towards an identical purpose. Successful partnership work with more than 80% project conversion rate. These companies are supported by a business manager. Their one and only point of contact from the start to the end of the project.

The challenge of gaining momentum

The strength of Carnot Mica is to benefit from a network of 18 laboratories and technical centers, mainly in Alsace. The specialty of the Mulhouse entity remains functional materials. Over the last seven years, Carnot Mica has doubled its turnover, from 7 to 14 million. 20% of its turnover is generated abroad, all around the planet. At the same time, Carnot Mica doubled its workforce. His team is made up of 11 people, including a permanent university staff member. “ We bet on gaining momentum, underlines Lionel Limousy. Carnot is the only program in which we inject 1 euro to generate 6. And we return more than 50% to our members, which allows them to finance their R&D. » Members who have access to other calls for projects with an industrial purpose for the majority of them.

New issues and ambitions to achieve

Water shortage, decarbonization and agricultural themes are the current issues. Problems anticipated by companies. “ What is tomorrow? 15 years, 20 years, 50 years? 15 years ago, we were talking about vines in Brittany, well it’s done! » Carnot Mica aims to reach 21 million turnover by 2030. To achieve this, the institute intends to open its fields of action with increasingly important projects, while setting out to conquer SMEs.

Emilie Jafrate

Photo: Lionel Limousy, Director of Carnot MICA. DR

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