Gendarmerie, Intersport, RC Lens… On Tiktok, support for Inoxtag is increasing

Gendarmerie, Intersport, RC Lens… On Tiktok, support for Inoxtag is increasing
Gendarmerie, Intersport, RC Lens… On Tiktok, support for Inoxtag is increasing

On Tiktok, brands and institutions are riding the “I stop breathing for Inoxtag” trend. Humorous videos, in which the authors pretend to stop breathing to help the young YouTuber who left to climb Everest on April 10, are multiplying.

Almost a month ago, Inoxtag, the gaming content creator to 7 million subscribers flew to Everest. Only one goal in mind: “Climbing the roof of the world, a lifelong workout that I have to do in one year,” enthused Inoxtag in a video published a year ago.

And in recent weeks, fans of the content creator have been increasing the number of support videos in humorous form. On Tiktok, the trend “I stop breathing to give Inoxtag some air” is creating a buzz on the short video social network.

A trend that did not escape the attention of brands and institutions, who were quick to jump on the phenomenon. In a video lasting a few seconds, we can see the Intersport France team pumping air using bicycle pumps. “We are sending as much air as possible to Inox,” we can read in the description. The video has more than 1.5 million views and nearly 250,000 likes.

Helicopter and crazy supporters

In another publication, a gendarmerie helicopter takes off to “send air to Inox to help him climb Everest”. “Courage, comrade,” writes the account Here again, the video has more than 3 million views.

The Rc Lens account reused a video of the team’s supporters spinning their scarves “to ventilate the air for Inoxtag”. For its part, the basketball equipment brand Overtime France filmed a basketball player setting up baskets so that “Inox has as much air as possible up there.”

In the background of the majority of these videos, music plays in a loop. It’s called “Inoxtag returns out of pity” and was created by content creator Baptiste la rigolade. In just 9 days, the music “Inoxtag comes back for mercy”, was covered almost 6,000 times according to the original publication, not counting all the remixes that were created subsequently.

Ascent planned around May 5

“You are goats (“Greatest Of All Time”) on Tiktok,” reacted Mathis Dumas, on Instagram. The high mountain guide that accompanies Inoxtag since the start of his training reshared some user posts in his story. “Thank you for all your messages and videos. You are crazy,” he adds.

For the moment, Inoxtag and Mathis Dumas have not started the ascent to the Roof of the World. According to Strava, an application used to record sports activities, the team arrived at base camp on April 24. Since then, the guide has not shared any new photos or information on the networks.

If weather conditions permit, the final expedition will begin in a few days, around May 5.

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