Montpellier. Festive parade: children are invited to do their Velorution

Montpellier. Festive parade: children are invited to do their Velorution
Montpellier. Festive parade: children are invited to do their Velorution

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May 2, 24 at 11:34

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There Velorution of childrenit is the flagship event of Velocity as part of the “May by bike” program. This Sunday, May 5, 2024, the pro-cycling association (which is currently campaigning for the return of bicycles to the tramway) invites children to follow a secure urban route of 5km “which will take them, at low speed, to music and in good humor, from Place de la Comédie at Rimbaud Park thanks to an almost flat route to the Aubes district”, specify the organizers.

Through this event, Vélocité intends to promote the practice of gentle travel: “The festive parade aims to encourage families and children to travel by bike”, confirms the association: “In Montpellier, 10 years after the first cycle of children in 2014, kids are still in the spotlight! It is a global phenomenon that we find in many French cities, such as Nantes, Paris or Nice “.

“Children’s cycling is an opportunity to call for public policies to develop active mobility for all children, and in particular continuous and safe cycle routes”


Why encourage children to travel by bike? The association deploys its arguments: “To go to school, middle school, high school, or to go to extra-curricular activities… Cycling, It is move independentlyoxygenate the brain to be better concentrated in class, and do physical activity every day. This is a real public health issue, since 37% of 6-10 year olds and 73% of 11-17 year olds do not achieve the physical activity standards recommended by WHO which recommends 60 minutes of moderate to sustained intensity activity every day”, recalls Vélocité, which sets a terrible figure: “For 40 years, children have lost almost 25% of their cardiovascular capacity with the risk of a “societal tsunami” linked to physical inactivity”.

Unlock the brakes…

However, the association is aware brake which slow down or block cycling among young people. “The biggest obstacle to cycling in the city for children is it’s the fear of an accident “, assures the association: “This is why children’s cycling is an opportunity to ask for public policies allowing the development of active mobility for all children, and in particular for continuous and secure cycle routes. By allowing families to use bicycles in their daily trips, particularly to schools, we will reduce the influence of the car on public spaces.”

Velocity in May, the rest

Other Vélocité events as part of Mai à Vélo:
-Saturday May 4, 2024: meet at 2:30 p.m. at Espace Lattara in Lattes.
Bike ride in Lattes as part of Mobility Day
-Saturday May 25: Vélocité on tour in Grabels.

> Festive bicycle parade for children. Sunday May 5, 2024 from 10:15 a.m.
Place de la Comédie, departure in front of the Tourist Office. The children will be placed under the responsibility of their chaperones, volunteers from Vélocité Grand Montpellier who will ensure the safety of the group. Those who wish can bring a picnic to extend this festive moment at Rimbaud Park (water point, playground). If you get tired, you can stop after 3 km. Don’t hesitate to decorate the bikes: colored ribbons, signs, etc.
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