Death of Matisse: the Bourges Court of Appeal denounces threats against a magistrate from Châteauroux

Death of Matisse: the Bourges Court of Appeal denounces threats against a magistrate from Châteauroux
Death of Matisse: the Bourges Court of Appeal denounces threats against a magistrate from Châteauroux

A former magistrate from Châteauroux is the subject of threats after being “unfairly” accused of having released, in previous cases, the alleged author of the stabbings which killed Matisse, on April 27, 2024 The first president and the attorney general of the Bourges Court of Appeal denounce these false accusations and call for “reason”.

“It’s terrifying. I’m worried about how violent the world is.” This Thursday, May 2, 2024, the day after the publication of a press release from the first president of the court of appeal and the attorney general at the said court, Éric Maillaud does not hide his dismay. The Attorney General is the author, alongside Alain Vanzo, first president, of a press release from the Bourges Court of Appeal, in support of a former magistrate from Châteauroux (Indre).

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The name of this magistrate is “unfairly” associated with the case of the death of young Matisse, killed by several stab wounds in Châteauroux on April 27.

A former magistrate, who left in August 2023

The magistrate, who served as a children’s judge until August 31, 2023, in Châteauroux, before becoming vice-president of the Toulouse children’s court, is accused of having released, on several occasions, the 15-year-old teenager suspected of being the perpetrator of the fatal stabbings.

The young person has been indicted for murder by a Bourges investigating judge and placed in pre-trial detention since Monday April 29. At the time of the events, he had been indicted, since April 22, by a Châteauroux investigating judge for theft with violence in a meeting and placed under judicial supervision, as part of this procedure.

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But the magistrate targeted by the false accusations, and whose name and photo were shared on social networks, “never intervened, in any capacity whatsoever, in the civil or criminal proceedings concerning the young person”, defend Éric Maillaud and Alain Vanzo.

They are indignant against the fact of “violently criticizing the legitimate action of magistrates who, in strict compliance with the texts and international commitments of France, do not consider the incarceration of a young minor perpetrator of crimes – whatever be its origin – only with the legitimate prudence that everyone has the right to expect.” Éric Maillaud adds:

“You can completely disagree with someone and still be courteous. And not call to find out their address or the names of their children.”

Eric Maillaud
(general prosecutor at the Bourges Court of Appeal)

Union commitment

According to Éric Maillaud, the union commitment of the former Castelroussine magistrate, who was a delegate of the Magistrates’ Union, could be at the origin of this shortcut with the Matisse affair: “She spoke out on the justice of minors We found traces of it in 2018. But it’s terrifying to attack a magistrate by name.”

The Attorney General assured his colleague of his support. “She is protected by her family. She lives things as she can.”

Marion Bérard



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