Gold in Senegal: “Providing benefits to local populations”

With its vast reserves, the African continent has several countries that play an important role in the international gold and luxury industry market. Among the largest gold producers in Africa are Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Sudan, Mali and Burkina Faso.

In 2020, total gold production in Africa was approximately 820 tonnes, which represented approximately 20% of total world production.

Senegal also has significant gold reserves, mainly concentrated in the Kédougou region. Gold but also zircon or Casamance wood are very popular materials in the luxury industry.

We talk about it with Hapsatou Dorodirector of the communications agency Digital Society and organizer and founder of the first forum dedicated to luxury professions in Africa.

The Franco-Senegalese shares her “frustration” at not seeing this wealth benefit local populations. According to a 2021 Timbuktu Institute report, the region of Kedougou has more than 70% poverty rate.

Hapsatou Doro answers questions from Salah-Eddine Gakou.




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