The new boss of Santé Québec resigns from the Hydro board

The new boss of Santé Québec resigns from the Hydro board
The new boss of Santé Québec resigns from the Hydro board

As soon as Christian Dubé announced Monday that Ms. Biron was becoming the first president and CEO of Santé Québec, the Minister of Health addressed the question of his recruit’s other commitments and possible conflicts of interest.

Tuesday, she ended her mandate on the board of directors of Hydro-Québec. As an independent director, she was appointed to this position for four years from March 31, 2021. She was therefore to hold the position until March 31, 2025.

The sun has learned that she has submitted her resignation to the chair of the Hydro board of directors, Manon Brouillette. Ms. Brouillette shared the news with the other members on Tuesday afternoon.

She keeps her business

The one who was CEO of Biron Groupe Santé until 2021, however, remains at the head of Propulia Capital, an investment fund for emerging companies in the health field.

But “it is free from decisions in its investments which could affect the health sector in Quebec”, we specify, at the Dubé cabinet.

The press release announcing his appointment speaks of the creation of a “Chinese wall” and an “ethics screen” to eliminate any potential conflict of interest, in compliance with the Act respecting the governance of the health and services system. social.

This also involves his family members. Her husband, Sylvain Poirier, health law lawyer, obtains contracts with establishments in the health network. His sister, Caroline Biron, runs the family business Biron Groupe Santé.

“This screen provides that no exchange is possible relating to any file related to the field of health in which her family or her husband could be involved on a professional level and which could have a link with Santé Québec or the institutions or organizations that Santé Québec oversees,” adds Minister Dubé’s office.




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