The César et Firmin tea room, in Beaugency, changes hands and will become a tapas bar

Opened 8 years ago, the César et Firmin tea room is located a stone’s throw from tourist sites and the Loire by bike. A nugget that has just found a buyer. César et Firmin will be taken over by a young chef in July.

On this almost sunny Sunday, Sophie Jarreau welcomes us after celebrating her birthday with family. At 58 years old, the owner and manager is a little tired and would like to hand over the reins. “I opened this tea room 8 years ago, it was the old medical office. I have an employee but I am alone in the kitchen. Everything is homemade. The place is bright, the customers adorable and I enjoy coming to work, but it becomes physically difficult…” she explains.

Replaced by a tapas bar

Since November 2023, the ad had been published in two agencies. Then, relayed on Facebook since February. Finally, everything came to a head in the last few days. “I had several offers but I chose that of Manon Bouchet, a person who had worked with me for two years and whom I knew. She is someone very motivated. She was a chef in Orléans and wanted to set up her own business. She will cook quality, quite organic and also vegetarian. She will change the concept and put her stamp on it.

Indeed, before reopening in July, some work and redevelopment will be done to open La Bouchée, presented as a tapas restaurant-bar.

A haven for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago, in Beaugency

The numerous tourists (many of them on bikes) will therefore always be able to enjoy the lovely view of the Caesar tower, the abbey church and the castle. Here, the activity is not only seasonal, specifies the hostess. “In fact, there are no real low points in the year. Until the All Saints’ Day holidays, there are retirees and foreigners. Then, at Christmas, the town and the surrounding castles offer entertainment. In February, it’s a little quieter and in the spring, the castle reopens.”

Cookie madness is taking over Orléans!

The terrace allows you to have a beautiful view of some of the city’s most popular tourist monuments.

The tea room remains open until mid-June

While waiting for this opening, Sophie Jarreau remains at the helm but is reducing the sail. “Since Saturday April 27, I have stopped serving lunches. I only open in the afternoon, from 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., every day except Tuesday. I only have a tea room because I I’ll be alone, with one or two students. There will be pastries, smoothies…” And it will work like that until mid-June, when she will definitely pass the torch. Only the goodwill, because it retains the walls.

In Meung-sur-Loire, come aboard La Roulotte, this new timeless bistro

A heartbreak for many loyal customers who appreciated this cozy cocoon. But a relief for this warm woman who is in her third professional life, after having been an architect then a teacher. “I’m going to take a real vacation this summer, which I haven’t done for eight years. Then, I have the idea of ​​continuing because I like baking and I want to keep in touch with customers . I’m thinking of renting a lab and making pastries to order.”

I go. César et Firmin, 1 bis, place Saint-Firmin, in Beaugency, Open every day (including Wednesday May 1), except Tuesday, from 2:30 p.m.
at 7:30 p.m.Sophie Jarreau created this cozy cocoon eight years ago.

Marie Guibal



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