May 1st in Brittany: nearly 10,000 people in the streets

May 1st in Brittany: nearly 10,000 people in the streets
May 1st in Brittany: nearly 10,000 people in the streets

This Wednesday, for the traditional May 1 mobilization in Brittany, 24 rallies were announced, with various demands, between workers’ rights, public services, purchasing power or Ukraine and Gaza.

1,100 people in Hennebont, 2,000 in Brest

In Morlaix, 320 people marched this Wednesday morning, “against the government”. At the same time, 150 people marched
in Pont-l’Abbé with, among the demands, an increase in salaries or even respect for union action.

In Brest, 2,000 people gathered at Place de la Liberté where, after speaking, the inter-union then left the microphone to the France Palestine Solidarity Association (AFPS), which alerted about the situation in the Gaza Strip. 2,000 demonstrators, this is also the result of the mobilization this Wednesday morning reindeer, or “the configuration before 2023” according to Force Ouvrière. Note that a second demonstration is planned in the city of Rennes, at 2 p.m.

More than 200 people marched in Carhaixwith, here, a more local demand: several demonstrators have in fact shown their support for the defenders of the hospital summoned to court.

Same scenario in Guingampwhere the 250 demonstrators present recalled the ongoing fight to defend the Guingamp hospital.

In Lannion, there were 500 of them in the streets, targeting the extreme right and the National Rally. There were also around 500 of them this Wednesday in the streets of Quimper with a common fear, that of seeing the well-being of workers sacrificed on the altar of profits.

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