A May 1st parade in Nîmes, in the rain, rich in demands and committed songs

A May 1st parade in Nîmes, in the rain, rich in demands and committed songs
A May 1st parade in Nîmes, in the rain, rich in demands and committed songs

This Wednesday, May 1, a parade brought together several hundred demonstrators in Nîmes as part of the International Day of Workers’ Struggle.

“Work again, work again…” This Wednesday, May 1, during the Nîmes parade organized as part of the International Day of Struggle against Workers, the words of Bernard Lavilliers (Les Mains d’or) coming from the union sound system resonate in rue Général Perrier . “No more orange flame in the wet sky…” were able to hear, in the pouring rain, many demonstrators.

This Wednesday morning there were a thousand according to the unions, less than 500 according to the police, for “to say that we are neither for the shareholders, nor for the reactionaries but above all for peace. We are putting particular emphasis on that this year”, says Laurent Alvarez of the local CGT union in Nîmes. This was confirmed by the FSU, which recalled its opposition to the far right during the speeches, while Solidaires spoke of the defense of social protection, but also of freedom of expression and the right to demonstrate.

Attac’s masks

The latter does not see any evolution of the system: “The shareholders have profits that are exploding. The problem is that this money is not invested in production and is missing from the workers. […] Reform of the pension system, unemployment insurance, there is a desire on the part of the government to attack on all fronts.”

And the representative of the CGT, before the European elections on June 9, drove the point home on the fight against the extreme right: “The populists are on the side of the shareholders.” Attac also, for its part, attacked “to the richest” by proposing to tax them more. A message sent on the steps of the Maison Carrée while wearing masks of group leaders and the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire. They even reviewed the lyrics of a popular song: “Do you know how to plant money in our local fashion!”

Social stories

Jean Vanhaute, president of the Institute of Social Histories of Gard for the CGT, behind a banner with historical posters calling for demonstrations in the department on May 1, recalled “that this is not the first time that we have marched against the extreme right, as in 2002 when Jean-Marie Le Pen was in the second round of the Presidential election. But, above all, we must not forget that on May 1st “is not a celebration as Pétain established but a day of struggle and gathering”. The first parades were organized as early as 1890 in many countries.

This Wednesday, demonstrators also recalled the international nature of this May 1 day by demanding a ceasefire in Palestine and supporting Palestinian workers.




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