She’s going to the Olympics. Flavie Renouard, Olympus in the lead…but not only

She’s going to the Olympics. Flavie Renouard, Olympus in the lead…but not only
She’s going to the Olympics. Flavie Renouard, Olympus in the lead…but not only

By Nicolas Claich
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May 1, 24 at 2:16 p.m.

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August 4, 2024. The date is checked in the calendar of Flavie Renouard for almost a year. Since the middle distance runner of the Caen AC achieved the minimums for Paris Olympicson the occasion of the London meeting, in July 2023.

One last formality to complete

That day, Flavie should set foot on the tartan of the Stade de France, for the series of 3,000 meters steeplechase, hoping to return two days later, for the final. “To definitively validate my participation, I still have to finish in the top three at the French championship, at the end of June, in Angers,” smiles cautiously the native of Caen. Barring an accident, this should constitute a formality for the second French in the 2023 report. “I worked well this winter, but my competitors are also evolving,” she emphasizes.

At 23, Flavie Renouard is preparing to honor the date of his lifelike all French athletes called to compete in the Games at home.

The excitement will be multiplied, you will have to manage your emotions. I want to take advantage of it while remaining focused.

Flavie Renouard, Caen AC athlete

To put all the assets on her side, the Caennaise, usually calm as competitions approach, has reconnected with a mental trainer, “just in case”. Above all, she strives, throughout the year, to clear her mind by leading a “normal” life. A Master’s student in “digital social media marketing-sales” at the IAE in Caen, she works on a work-study basis at Crédit Mutuel. “If I only had athletics, I would be a little bored,” she laughs. There, I found a good balanceespecially since my employer allows me to adjust my schedule.”

A local structure around it

Carrying out all these activities simultaneously is made possible by the structure that the 2021 French champion has put in place around her. Daily, his father Alain, sports teacher and former very good regional runner, takes care of his training, in conjunction with a physical trainer based in Lyon, Olivier Bolliet. At the Hélitas stadium or on the paths on the banks of the Orne, Flavie goes through sessions of varying intensity, morning and evening. Her physiotherapist, Sophie Morcel, is also at her disposal on site.

I built myself here, I feel very good at the club. I don’t necessarily need to be at INSEP.

Flavie Renouard, Caen AC athlete

The program until August 4 is already set. After a first training course in mid-March near Alicante (Spain), where she cleared the 76 centimeter hurdles for the first time this year, Flavie is currently in Font-Romeu, for a four-week altitude training course, until May 4. “We are starting to get closer to the pace necessary for the season,” she explains. We must not skip the steps.”

Coming back from the Pyrenees, she will compete in the second round of Interclubs on May 12, before taking part in a competition before the Euro (June 7-9) then the French championship (June 29-30). Between the two, Flavie will take her final exams to obtain her diploma. It will then be time to switch to Olympic mode!

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