Europeans: “It is normal that we can express ourselves” says Jordan Bardella, head of the RN list

Europeans: “It is normal that we can express ourselves” says Jordan Bardella, head of the RN list
Europeans: “It is normal that we can express ourselves” says Jordan Bardella, head of the RN list

While standing the big meeting of the National Rally at 2 p.m. at the Perpignan convention center this Wednesday, May 1, 2024, Jordan Bardella, head of the RN list in the European elections, was the guest of France Bleu Roussillon.

A little less than six weeks before the election, the president of the National Rally therefore chose Perpignan for its big speech. “Perpignan is one of the largest municipalities administered by the RN. I am very happy to stop alongside Louis Alliot who will speak at the meeting to celebrate the work and call for people to go to the polls on June 9” assures Jordan Bardella.

Everywhere in France, we play at home, we are elected, we travel throughout the territory. These European elections are really a clash between the Europe of Nations that we support and the Europe of Macron. What is at stake in these European elections are extremely concrete issues such as security, purchasing power, the fight against illegal and clandestine immigration, and therefore we are intended to go everywhere in France to talk about these subjects. , to talk about France and to tell the French that on June 9, abstaining means voting for Emmanuel Macron a little bit.” he continues.


The choice of the date of the meeting is symbolic for the RN candidate: “we love traditions and we honor and defend them. Every year, May 1st is the occasion for a big meeting for the RN. We are going to talk a lot about work in this meeting, in these European elections more broadly.

Many French people realize that work no longer pays enough. This May 1st in these times of both energy inflation, increase in fuel prices, and obviously in this time of social difficulty, of social difficulty, it is always a moment which is important and we will make this theme a priority of the meeting“.

Opponents denounce an attempt to recover Workers’ Day

This trip to Perpignan is not at all to the taste of the left-wing forces in the Pyrénées-Orientales. A dozen parties are calling to join the traditional union parade this Wednesday morning. On the opponents of the RN who will demonstrate in Perpignan, Jordan Bardella responds: “I call on them to respect democracythe RN is given the lead in these European elections, with more than 32% of the votes, of voting intentions.

There are elected officials, parliamentarians, so it is normal that we can hold a meeting, so that we can express ourselves. May 1st belongs to no one. It does not belong to the RN, it obviously belongs to all French people and it is an important moment in the country, so all French people must have a very clear overview of each other’s projects and be able to consciously make their own decisions. choice“.

The RN must present, during this meeting, the first 35 names on its European list. On France Bleu Roussillon, candidate Jordan Bardella assures that the mayor of Perpignan, Louis Alliot will be in last position, symbolically, and Marine Le Pen, in penultimate position.



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