RC Lens must pay more than €50M for player transfers

May 1, 2024 at 1:00 p.m. by Thomas

The slate between expenses and player transfers benefits RC Lens.

More than 50 million euros to be paid on player transfer compensation, but with the balance of expenses and revenues, RC Lens has the particularity – advantageous if there ever was one – of being a beneficiary. We explain… According to the club’s individual accounts published by the National Control and Management Directorate (DNCG), RC Lens must pay other clubs the equivalent of 57.7 million euros, on the recruitment of players.

RC Lens has €57.7 million in debt on transfers

These are “debts on player transfers” that the northern club must settle over a more or less long term, without however mentioning the term by which the sum is due. It corresponds to the spread over time of recruitment compensation, excluding those from last summer’s transfer window since the balance sheet is finalized as of June 30, 2023.

But the receivables exceed the remaining amount due on the transfer window

But we told you above, RC Lens is in surplus here to the extent that, unlike the clubs, they also owe them bills on the transfer of footballers. These are the receivables on transfers of players which in this case amount to 67.2 million euros, that is to say that Racing is the beneficiary of 9.5 million euros in the differential of the two. Here too, the due date for these payments to be received is not known.



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