who is the player of the month for April 2024?

who is the player of the month for April 2024?
who is the player of the month for April 2024?

In partnership with Bleu Picardie, le11 invites you to elect the SC player of the month. With no victories and no less than four matches without shaking the nets, the Picardy club has definitively abandoned its latest ambitions. Which did not prevent three players from clearly doing well.

Player of the month election

The preselection of three players for the Amiens SC player of the month trophy is based on Mamadou Fofana, Régis Gurtner and Louis Mafouta. To choose the winner, votes are open until Saturday, 12 p.m.

The choice of Antoine Caux (JDA/France Blue Picardy)

1- Louis Mafouta / 2- Régis Gurtner / 3- Andy Carroll

The choice of Mathieu Dubrulle (France Blue Picardy)

1- Régis Gurtner / 2- Nicholas Opoku/Mamadou Fofana / 3- Louis Mafouta

The choice of Romuald Lemaire (polemicist for the Tribune France Blue Picardy)

1- Louis Mafouta / 2- Régis Gurtner / 3- Nicholas Opoku

The choice of Bruno (polemicist for the Tribune France Blue Picardy)

1- Régis Gurtner / 2-Mamadou Fofana / 3-Nicholas Opoku

The choice of Romain Pechon (le11amiénois)

1- Louis Mafouta / 2-Mamadou Fofana / 3-Nicholas Opoku

* In the event of a tie, the choice is made according to the number of citations

The nominees

Mamadou Fofana : whether in a four-man defense and with a partner who keeps changing or as a left or right stopper in a three-man axis, Mamadou Fofana always gets the job done. Even during the defensive wreck against QRM, he was undoubtedly the one who came out of it the best. Consistent and rarely disappointing, he did enough to stand out from the crowd.

Regis Gurtner : four goals conceded but also three clean sheets, the captain of Amiens SC has little to reproach himself for this month of April. Better yet, he pulled out all the stops in Guingamp to avoid defeat for his team. Fairly preserved against Concarneau, he also pushed back the deadline against , without being able to work miracles.

Louis Mafouta : the only Amiens SC player to have scored in April, Louis Mafouta increased his personal tally to 13 points. Above all, the Central African international single-handedly avoided defeat against Quevilly, his former club. Without his hat-trick in the space of fourteen minutes, the worst was clearly possible. And if the rest of his month is fairly ordinary, like his outings against Dunkirk and , his Norman start deserves to be highlighted.

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