the trees cut on the RN147 diversion site at Lussac-les-Châteaux will be replanted – Angers Info

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The RN 147 diversion project in Lussac-les-Châteaux raises concerns about its impact on the environment. With nearly 86 hectares of woods, fields and wetlands affected, the regional directorate for the environment, planning and housing (DREAL) ensures that measures are put in place to limit the damage.

According to France Bleu, for several years, DREAL has been carrying out studies to assess the consequences of the construction site on biodiversity. The teams first identified the natural resources of the area concerned, then proposed solutions to reduce the environmental impact. These measures include adjustments to the road alignment to minimize disruption.

According to Philippe Landais, head of the organization in Poitiers, the choice of the southern route rather than the northern route was made to avoid environmental damage as much as possible.

Compensation and Rehabilitation

Despite the precautions taken, the construction site involves the destruction of woods and forests. However, DREAL is committed to compensating for these losses by recreating favorable habitats elsewhere. Hedgerows will be replanted and ponds recreated in seven designated compensation sites.

Aurélie Renoust, head of the land, compensation and environment unit at DREAL, underlines the importance of these rehabilitation measures: “It’s ecological engineering. What we cannot compensate in time, we multiply in space. »

Commitment to Compensation Superiority

DREAL claims that compensation will exceed the damage caused. For every 11.5 hectares of woodland destroyed, 22 hectares will be replanted. Thus, on the 86 hectares impacted, the rehabilitation actions aim to restore and preserve local biodiversity.

The diversion project should be completed in 2027, with the construction of 8.5 kilometers of new lanes for a budget of 143 million euros.



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