The RC Lens on the emergency lane


In great delicacy for several weeks, RC Lens did not raise its head in April with two defeats and one match for a meager success. What worry before the last month of competition. Decryption.

RC Lens puts itself in danger

If RC Lens once believed it could get involved in the fight for the Champions League before saying goodbye after the derby (2-1 defeat), it probably did not expect to be under the threat of Marseille, Lyon and Rennes, three eminently inconsistent teams, with a view to qualifying in Europe. However, at the end of an ugly period of one victory in six matches – including four defeats – and a month of April which did not help anything, the Sang et Or are four points ahead of the Bretons, but only two ahead of the Olympics. OM even took advantage of the delicate dynamics of the Lensois to offer them to the Vélodrome, just to end a definitively complicated start to spring for the Sang et Or.

Absent in the face of the “little ones”

Four points in three matches against three candidates for retention. When looking ahead to the end of the season and looking at the calendars, the beginning of April seemed like a breath of fresh air and a more affordable time to try to stock up on confidence – and points, incidentally. On the contrary, it will only have reinforced doubts. Quite logically hung at home by Le Havre (1-1), RC Lens fell immediately to Metz (2-1, 0 points out of 6 against the Grenats this season). And even in the victory, against Clermont (1-0), the Sang et Or did not necessarily reassure by showing themselves sluggish and never safe in the face of a red lantern with catastrophic dynamics. Fierce last season, RC Lens no longer scares everyone anymore.

RC Lens
Hugo Pfeiffer/Icon Sport

Increasingly significant limits

If Franck Haise’s troop has shown itself to be in such difficulty in recent weeks, and in particular against theoretically inferior opponents, it is also and above all because it was hitting its limits of talent – ​​mainly in creativity and technicality. A lack of intrinsic quality pointed out by the artesian technician, worn and sometimes disillusioned, and which also illustrates a group potentially at the end of its cycle. No longer as flamboyant physically, more predictable tactically, too limited technically, the elimination against Friborg continues to have its repercussions mentally. A cocktail that doesn’t go well together when you aim to play leading roles.

Detrimental delays behind the scenes?

Beyond the lackluster purely sporting aspect in Lens in recent weeks, perhaps the latter has also been impacted by all the extra-sporting agitation. Starting with the management of the recruitment center, while Grégory Thil raises questions, that Frédéric Hébert is weakened and that the express passage of Mike Mode has reinforced the uncertainty within the club a few weeks before a transfer window which has already started. Add to this the rumors of the departure of a tired Franck Haise, followed in England and by Marseille, and you obtain a context that is not conducive to full concentration on sporting performance, which is nevertheless necessary at the end of the season with such high stakes.

Summary of the month:

Lens – Le Havre: 1-1

Metz – Lens: 2-1

Lens – Clermont: 1-0

Marseille – Lens: 2-1

Photo credits: Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport



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