why there will be no seawater swimming pool at Mucem in 2024

why there will be no seawater swimming pool at Mucem in 2024
why there will be no seawater swimming pool at Mucem in 2024

The seawater basin project at the foot of the Mucem in Marseille will ultimately not see the light of day in 2024 for security reasons.

It will ultimately not be possible to swim next to the Mucem this summer. The information of The Marseillaise was confirmed to France 3 Provence-Alpes this Wednesday, May 1 by Hervé Menchon, municipal assistant for the coast who has been leading the project for several years. This “Mucem beach” project was to be completed in the summer of 2024, after several years of discussions. It was ultimately aborted for safety reasons.

“We had two years to work on it with a search for a technical solutionexplains Hervé Menchon. Following a call for tenders, we only received one response. Negotiations have been initiated to keep costs down, but also to guarantee the total safety of bathers. And patatras.”

The latest offer proposed proves insufficient from a security point of view.

Hervé Menchon, municipal deputy (EELV) for the coast, mayor of the 2nd and 3rd arrondissements of Marseille

at France 3 Provence-Alpes

“We are obliged to say that the technical solution to create this pool does not meet all of the requirements. We are putting swimmers in danger with this solution. We are not continuing.”

The technical solution sought was linked to the particular anatomy of the J4 platforms. “The underside of the quays are hollow. This was designed so that the swell does not splash the quay when it hits it.”

“It’s a false platform in a way, like a balconyspecifies Hervé Menchon. So if there’s a wave, swimmers can be sucked into these caves 4 to 6 meters deep.” The proposed solution, an anti-crossing device, ultimately did not pass the technical analysis phase.

A failure which did not fail to provoke a reaction from opponents of the project, in particular the opposition group “A will for Marseille”, bringing together elected officials from the right, the center and civil society.

Already fallen into the water in July 2023, the seawater swimming pool project in the large basin to the east of the Mucem and Cosquer Méditerranée had resurfaced during the municipal council on October 20, 2023. The elected officials of the City had voted in favor of the “creation of a swimming site” on the spot.

Since 2021, the Free Swimmers association has been campaigning for this “unique place” be set up as a public seawater swimming pool, accessible to all Marseillais residents.

The disappointment is as high as my commitment and my desire to get there.

Hervé Menchon

at France 3 Provence-Alpes

“I put a lot of effort into it, I am disappointed. I receive a lot of messages of support, of sadness, from the Marseillais, but also from the associations who believed in it”relates Hervé Menchon.

“It was a need, a necessity for the city, to open the sea to its population, for climatic reasons, but also for the culture of the seaadds the elected official. It’s something that calms the city, that creates a bond, a common culture.”.

Could the seawater basin at J4 one day come to fruition? Hervé Menchon does not give a date. “It’s too early to say. I don’t see myself promising anything for 2026. But I never give up. We fall, we get up and we continue to move forward”.

The environmentalist deputy lists the advances for access to the coast and swimming in Marseille: “OWe are going to open the sea dyke, we are going to increase the number of learning points for swimming and aquatic ease, we still have the project in the analysis phase of expanding the beaches of Corbières, the redevelopment of the seaside triangle Roucas, Pointe-Rouge, Borély. We are increasing access in the areas of Malmousque, Maldormé, but there is also the project ofopen an additional beach on the Frioul archipelago.”

Without forgetting the arrival of the flame by boat on May 8 in Marseille: “It is something to reconnect with what we really are: a city born from the sea.”



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