angry footballers from SO Châtellerault

angry footballers from SO Châtellerault
angry footballers from SO Châtellerault

A few months ago, SO Châtellerault properly celebrated the historic rise of its women’s team to Division 3. A first for the club at the national level. Unfortunately, since this accession, tensions have appeared over the weeks with, on the one hand, the technical management as well as some of the players and, on the other, the presidents Julien Lamouche and Vincent Mallet.

On a tricky course sportingly, the Châtelleraudaises occupying 11e place (out of 12 with 3 wins, 2 draws and 14 defeats) in Group A and seeming to be condemned to relegation three games from the end of the season, adds turmoil behind the scenes.

“I lost the love for this club”

In conflict with the club’s management, Tony Félix, the coach, resigned along with his entire staff at the end of March. At the time, the technician entrusted “not having the same vision of the development policy of the women’s sector as the club’s management”.

The last trip to Brest, Sunday April 28, ended in a 3-0 defeat, was a new point of tension. Particularly for Margaux Gérard who contacted our editorial staff. “We had the group leave at 5:40 a.m. for a match at 3 p.m. We were refused a hotel and called a capricious princess. Dialogue is not possible. We were not put in the best conditions to obtain maintenance”estimates the defender, currently injured.

In Brittany, the SOC only put twelve names on the match sheet. “I refused to travel and play with a coach I don’t know”, specifies attacker Maëva Amirault. Since the resignation of Tony Félix, Jérôme Bouffey and Emmanuel Poumérolie have taken turns on the bench according to our interlocutors. “It changes all the time”plague Margaux Gérard.

Both regret “a lack of consideration for the women’s section”. Training conditions are part of the grievances against management. “We are not allowed to use the Montée Rouge annex. And, when Tony Félix ignored it, he was financially sanctioned. Instead, we go to Antoigné, on poor quality grass and that leads to injuries. When it rains, we play on stabilized ground in Nonnes. We had to wait for the resignation of the staff to have a camera and heart rate monitors”relates Margaux Gérard.
The financial aspect also comes into play. “We just received our March bonuses when the boys got them on time”indicates the defender. “I work in Angers, I live in Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine. Coming to play and train generates costs », recalls Maëva Amirault. The latter has worn the club’s colors for six years. “We must thank Tony Félix for his development work. But, this year, I never saw that. I lost the love for this club. » Before concluding : “ I fear this will be the end of the SOC women’s section. »

Lamouche: “No desire to argue”

Contacted, Julien Lamouche, one of the two co-presidents of SO Châtellerault, confided: “I don’t want to argue about what I think is the opinion of a minority of players. We keep our commitments, the girls get paid. We were also able to find solutions when the staff resigned with three qualified coaches at their disposal. We put things in place that allowed them to work. »



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