Oullins-Pierre-Bénite confirms its position as the capital of the Big Band

THE May 31st And 1er June 2024

The 10 groups of the Big Band Battle return to their quarters in Oullins Pierre Bénite on May 31 and 1er June 2024 for a festival with an international focus

Oullins-Pierre-Bénite, April 30, 2024 – Oullins-Pierre-Bénite confirms its place as regional capital of the Big Band by welcoming, for

the 2th consecutive year, the biggest Big Band battle in France. From Friday May 31 in the evening and for two days,Oullinoise association Music 85 will reinstall music stands and scores and will take the instruments out of the cases for this second editing of Big Band Battle Festival. In a friendly atmosphere, spectators will be able to discover the musical universe of big bands, these orchestras of around thirty musicians, inspired by the jazz/swing aesthetic and marked by a large dominance of brass instruments. For this season 2, a Big Band was specially created under the leadership of Music 85, in partnership with Beninese artists, to offer an Afro-Beat ensemble.

Pwithin 2 days, the 10 Big Band Battle Festival formationscomposed of local and regional orchestras, professional, semi-professional or confirmed amateurs, will take turns to ignite the Plain of the Park Chabrières and try to win the applause meter battle.

After the success of the 1time edition, season 2 promises a score embedded in diversity

For this 2th edition, the Big Band Battle Festival promises a program that is as festive, friendly and family-friendly as ever, and has decided to integrate an international component with a space dedicated to world music and a Afro-Beat Big Band created for the occasion with musicians who came specially from Benin… In short, don’t miss anything and subscribe to our social networks to follow the development of the project in real time.

An image containing clothes, outdoor, person, tree Automatically generated descriptionWhile the 1time edition shone despite particularly difficult weather conditions, its hundred volunteers and the 300 musicians present have enabled the festival to overcome weather-related challenges and provided an unforgettable musical celebration to over 3000 festival-goersand all while respecting the objective of zero-waste.

Sébastien Martinan, artistic director of the festival and director of the Music 85 music school explains: “ Every year, the school sends a delegation to Benin to share our techniques and musical feelings with Beninese musicians. This festival is also an opportunity to demonstrate the universality of music and to invite our friends from Benin for an Afro-Beat program. “.

Music nonstop…

At the origin of this project, a common desire based on a postulate: “Music is an Art which is sharing “.

May be an image of saxophone, trumpet, clarinet and horn

The Music 85 association, already involved in a number of public performances of its different groups, wanted this second edition, like the first, as a event iconic and unifying bringing together all generations around the energy of big bands.

Thus, a meeting of regional, professional, semi-professional or experienced amateur ensembles will take turns from Friday evening until Saturday evening with two requirements: quality and the diversity of styles. In total, 13 setsincluding 10 big bands will take turns on the 2 stages set up for this unique festival of its kind in the region.

Imagined as a trunk of musical treasures, spectators will be able to listen, dance, sing or simply enjoy several different atmospheres:

South American atmosphere: with pieces of Salsa, Samba…

New Orleans atmosphere : with pieces of Jazz, Swing, Blues…

Nostalgia atmosphere : with covers of songs that have rocked everyone’s lives…

Pop atmosphere : with very current “moving” titles…

As a highlight, festival-goers will be able to attend the Bigre performance on Saturday evening! Big Band, professional big band which describes itself as “ the Big Band in all its forms “. In 15 years, with 8 albums and notable collaborations (Cynthia Abraham, Célia Kameni, Hawa, Sarah Mikovski, Juan Rozoff, Tété, Rover, Thomas Dutronc, etc.), the big band Bigre! imposed his style by exploring the multiple facets of playful, powerful and jubilant music.

Lovers of composite sounds, Félicien Bouchot and his acolytes are supporters of eclectic music, current writing, constantly in motion. In their hands, jazz constantly finds new resonances and improvisation sways on fluctuating rhythms, bouncing on rich and variegated arrangements that vibrate with the sounds of the world. The Bigre! Big Band frees itself from all musical boundaries and rubs mischievously with the afrobeat of Lagos and the ethio-jazz of Addis Ababa, with Balkan chants and contemporary polyrhythms.

An image containing concert, music, person, peopleDescription automatically generated

… For kick off the festival season

With its “brass” sounds and catchy rhythms, the Big Band Battle Festival intends to introduce the general public to the festival atmosphere in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. A musical village where festival-goers can find a “chill” space for those who simply want to relax and enjoy music in peace, a musical flea market and instrument repair workshops, for music enthusiasts, but also food lovers -trucks and a refreshment bar, there will be something for everyone! All served in the good humor of the hundred Oullinois volunteers involved in the adventure.

and stronglocal mobilization

Today, major local and regional players have already joined the adventure. The Big Band Battle Festival already counts among its major partners:

– The town of Oullins-Pierre-Bénite

– The Metropolis of Lyon

– Crédit Mutuel

– TCLs

– The Ninkasi

Some major figures :

– Free entry

– We are waiting for a minimum of 5 000 people.

10 sets bringing together more than 300 musicians

– An army of close of 150 volunteers




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