Soccer. At 40, Baptiste Guyonnet has lost none of his passion

Soccer. At 40, Baptiste Guyonnet has lost none of his passion
Soccer. At 40, Baptiste Guyonnet has lost none of his passion

By Aline Chatel
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30 Apr 24 at 6:22 p.m.

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It’s the kind of wink that invites a glance into the retro. Wednesday May 1, 2024 (3 p.m.), Baptiste Guyonnet will face Bayeux in the round of 16 of the Coupe de France. His second reunion – only – with the BFC will bring him back twenty years ago, “with fifteen kilos less”, he laughs. It was in Bessin, between 2003 and 2005, that the eldest Guyonnet truly launched his career. Two decades later, he still has an unwavering love for football.

Sometimes I wonder what it’s going to be like when it’s gone. It scares me. Football will remain the great passion of my life. I have spent a large part of my life on the pitch, but I am not forever. I dread the end.

Baptiste Guyonnet, player from Colleville-Ouistreham

At the end, Baptiste Guyonnet prefers to leave her far from him. “At the same time, I also don’t want to pull the strings and be worthless. What’s hard is knowing when to stop at the right time. » In Ouistreham, the right time is not yet. Baptiste Guyonnet moved from National 3, where he still had a series of tenures with Alençon, to Regional 3 in 2023. “I still have the same desire to compete. Whether I play against a district premier division team or against a higher level team, my preparation is the same. I never tell myself: it’s going to be easy. »

Baptiste Guyonnet, who always highlights his vision of the game, his technique, his grinta and his sense of goal, has been able to model his mental approach on the years that pass by. “I am well aware that it is more difficult than before because there is age, there is physique,” ​​he says. You realize that even if you play against Pont-L’Évêque or Saint-Désir, it’s going to be hard. I don’t really look down on anyone. »

“I need others to exist”

Losing three divisions at once was not easy. “You always play against eleven guys who are there to give everything. And then I’m not a player who is going to make the difference alone. I need others to exist. » In R3, the movements around the wearer are not the same as a few rungs higher. However, Baptiste Guyonnet, his team’s top scorer, does not hide his face.

I could no longer follow in N3. You can say what you want, the rhythm is not the same. In placement, I will always be there. But the physical aspect is so important that it would be too complicated. Even in R3, I suffer physically.

Baptiste Guyonnet, player from Colleville-Ouistreham

Baptiste Guyonnet is twice 20 years old, the age he was approaching when he discovered CFA 2 with Bayeux. “I arrived through the back door, since I was playing in DSR with the PTT. It was really the high level for me and I didn’t necessarily think it was achievable. »

After two full seasons, the blond signed for Cherbourg in the National. “A bit like when I arrived in Bayeux, I was not a star recruit. I came as a complement. I told myself that if I played just one match in National, it would already be better than if I had stayed in CFA 2, since the reserves were playing at that level. »

In Cherbourg, “a winning poker move”

Hervé Renard, then coach of Cherbourg, had seen the potential in “Stick” during a match against Bayeux. “The managers wanted to see me try out first. It was a poker move. I played five minutes in the first friendly match, fifteen minutes in the second, then half-time. I started for the first championship match. »

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The midfielder played a string of matches and was to sign for Régis Brouard’s Nîmes, who would be promoted to Ligue 2 the following year. A fracture of the fibula decided otherwise. Baptiste Guyonnet remained in Cherbourg without having as good a season as the previous one. Could he have played even higher?

We will never know and there is nothing to regret. I had left Malherbe in -17 Nationals to join La Butte in the district because football was starting to get on my system a little and I also needed to do something else, to live a young life, to play the party… Returning to the high level was already a bit unexpected.

Baptiste Guyonnet, player from Colleville-Ouistreham

In search of exploit against Bayeux

Lou and Ana’s dad had a blast, and that’s the most important thing. On Wednesday May 1, he will meet Bayeux in the Normandy Cup. “These are pleasant matches because there is opposition that is a little more like what I have known in the past. It’s more structured. It is often in these matches that we manage to be rigorous, disciplined, to do what is necessary. »

Winners of La Ferté Macé (R1) previously, the Ouistreham players showed that they could raise their level. The competitor Baptiste Guyonnet will once again be a leader in this quest.

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