“You didn’t deserve this,” his father wrote to him

“You didn’t deserve this,” his father wrote to him
“You didn’t deserve this,” his father wrote to him

A heartbreaking love letter to his son. During the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, Matisse’s father published a long missive on his social networks for “Matou, ma gros loutre”. A white march is organized on Saturday afternoon in the town center of Châteauroux in tribute to the young teenager, killed on April 27 during a “brawl”.

In his letter, Christophe Marchais addresses his son: “You didn’t deserve this. No one deserves this, but especially not you. »

“You were a real nice guy, too nice in fact, who didn’t have the weapons for these associations that you had been attracted to for several weeks…”, he continues.

“I’m going to laugh in your memory”

The young Matisse, aged 16 according to the prosecutor, succumbed to his injuries, in particular a wound to the heart after “a brawl involving two minors” late Saturday afternoon in the St-Denis district of this city of some 43,000 inhabitants.

“I know that you are not suffering and that as this horror happened very quickly, you did not suffer too much”, indicates Christophe Marchais. “From here, what’s left? We still have your memory, we still have these 15 wonderful years spent with you. »

“I’m going to live for you and I’m going to laugh in your memory, because what fun could we have, my son, damn it! », Adds Matisse’s father. “You were the king of blunders, you were full of humor, even black humor. Because despite your young age, you understood the distinction between that and wickedness. »

“Life is fragile”

“The hardest part is imagining that we won’t see each other again. That you will no longer hit me in the ribs from behind to annoy me, that I will no longer see you go to the restaurant just for a kiss, that I will no longer wake you up in the morning when your alarm has been bothering everyone for 30 minutes but that you snore. I won’t see you anymore with your pink clothes, your pink pumps. But what the hell is this passion for pink!?!? »

Christophe Marchais then calls on those who want to pay tribute to his son on social networks to put “a sea otter in profile”, rather than “this big black pellet”.

And to finish: “Here is my cat, this little note to tell you I love you, to tell parents to watch their children, because life is fragile, and that I will miss you forever. »

A teenager and his mother indicted

In this new case of violence among minors, a 15-year-old teenager was indicted Monday evening for “murder” and placed in pre-trial detention, while his mother, aged 37, was indicted for “violence volunteers” on “vulnerable person”.

According to the Bourges public prosecutor, Céline Visiedo, the mother is accused of having “slapped the injured victim”. The minor and his mother are both of Afghan nationality and legally resident on French soil, according to the magistrate.

The father warns against political recovery

The brawl had “nothing to do with Islamism, there is no religious character”, assured a Source close to the investigation. The fact that the minor is of Afghan nationality has nevertheless led several figures from the right and the extreme right to denounce the government’s “migratory policy”.

Speaking to RTL, Matisse’s father, Christophe Marchais, warned: “Let’s not mix everything up. Be careful of all the sides on the right or elsewhere who appropriate this kind of thing.”

The suspect, who had no convictions on his criminal record, had just been indicted on April 22 for “violent theft in a meeting” by a Châteauroux investigating judge. He was placed under judicial supervision as part of this procedure.



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