(Press release) Saint-Chamond an intolerable attack on people and communities

Our commune was the subject this weekend of an intolerable attack on people and

Hateful comments and actions targeting the Armenian, Kurdish and Greek communities have been reported in our city. These actions are totally unacceptable and threaten the social cohesion of our territory. Especially since these words were written on the interior buildings of a school establishment welcoming many students, teachers and administrative staff.

We also became aware of death threats, made at this same location and in the same form, against Ms. Isabelle Surply, municipal councilor of Saint-Chamond. These threats are intolerable and constitute a serious attack on the security of our local elected officials.

Inasmuch as Mayor, Mr. Axel Dugua, cannot and does not want to accept such actions and it is the duty of the chief magistrate to guarantee the security of all communities and elected officials. It is imperative that steps are taken to investigate these incidents, bring those responsible to justice and ensure the protection of those affected.

In this sense, Mr. Le Maire has just contacted Mr. Prime Minister and Mr. Minister of the Interior so that all measures are taken to establish responsibilities and that those who have stooped to these odious acts are prosecuted and punished.

Upon learning of the facts, Mr. Le Maire spoke with the leaders of the various communities targeted. M Le Maire was able to express his indignation and his desire that these acts not go unpunished.

Aware of the attacks suffered by the communities as well as by the teaching and administrative staff, students and parents of students, Mr. Le Maire wanted to personally express his compassion and his full support to them in their difficult ordeals.
Mr. Le Maire also thanks the communities indirectly implicated for their messages of denunciation of his actions and of appeasement.

Mr. Le Maire and elected officials remain mobilized to ensure that these actions do not go unpunished.




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