Shadow and light | 7JAC

Shadow and light | 7JAC
Shadow and light | 7JAC

With each having a squad that was too inconsistent to play in the big leagues, both suffered from the same problem in very different contexts. The ASM cannot invest with the money it does not have, and Clermont Foot, business obliges, not spending the money it has.
could dispose of.
While waiting to know if the Michelin troupe will be able to definitively avoid the barrage of all dangers, let us remember that only once since its accession in 1925, the club has found itself on the verge of relegation. Easter Sunday, April 16, 29 years ago.

Gaëtan is not afraid of anything

This year 1995 was that of Saint-André, Lhermet, Costes, Juillet, Darlet and other ”Jaune et Bleu” who, a year earlier, had fired us up to a valiant championship final narrowly lost to Toulouse . From the Parc des Princes we went, from cock to donkey, to the pitch of Sainte-Germaine in the suburbs of Bordeaux for a match to maintain Group A against Stade Bordelais.

It must be said that our heroes of 94 had lost their splendor over the course of the season. Not qualified for the final phase, they found themselves, like the Bordelais, transferred to the Moga Cup where only the first in each of the four groups would avoid the cart of the condemned. This final confrontation between the ASM and the SBUC would be decisive.

The heroes of 1994 were tired / Photo Archives ASM

Without going into detail, the Girondins, including the famous Gimbert and Moscato coached by Bernard Laporte, lead 16 to 14. In the 80th minute when the man named Gaëtan Héry, compensating for the absence of the titular opener Eric Nicol, slammed a drop that everyone except the referee sees pass between the Bordeaux players. You must then have seen the furious Philippe Saint-André literally jump on the man with the whistle for a particularly muscular dialogue. In the absence of a redemptive video, the alleged eyewitness orders a dismissal to 22 meters. Undoubtedly, however, doubt haunts him. Beyond the clock, he let the game unfold until a scrum described at the time as ‘spontaneous’ and then… whistled a penalty against Bordeaux!

Around 50 meters, knowing that fear does not avoid danger, Gaëtan Héry sticks to it without thinking and boom, it happens! 17 to 16: ASM saves its head. ”Fiat lux et facta est lux”.

Shadow side

“I can tell if my team is playing well or badly just by looking at my stand…I love the stands more than the ball” Declaration signed Biba, the “capo” of the OGC Nice ultras. The “capo” is, in a way, the drum major of the agitated cops who spends the match with his back turned to the field haranguing his troops.

Towards the ultras / Photo YM

Like the big boys, the mania gradually took hold at the Montpied stadium where we saw at the end of each match the actors in red and blue come to pledge allegiance to the certified ambiance players. A nice comedy which can turn into a detestable psychodrama when the infamy of the insults against the players bursts out at the end of a draw against Montpellier. It’s as if social networks were in “live” performance.

Of course, we want to understand the immense disappointment of seeing your favorite team slide towards Ligue 2 on a slippery slope, but going from the rooster to the donkey from 8th place in 2023 to relegation in 2024 could find reasons outside the poor performance from the players, some of whom are doing what they can… quite simply.

If the performance of the workforce is notoriously insufficient over the course of an entire season, it is probably because the ingredients are of average quality and the staff has difficulty concocting a gastronomic recipe worthy of a house. starry.

The wallet syndrome

Without pretending to summarize the misfortunes of Clermont Foot as a matter of big money, it should be remembered that professional football operates in capitalistic mode with two cash drawers: that of the club and that of the club owner. They do not necessarily obey the principle of communicating vessels. The first is fueled by TV rights, partners, spectators, derivative products, etc. while the second, in addition to the balance sheet results, relates to the business of player transfers. An ordinary and legal business.

It was already like this before his arrival but since the president-owner of the Swiss company “Core Sport Capital” Ahmet Schaefer bought Clermont Foot 63 from Claude Michy in 2019, transfer income has far exceeded expenses. There is nothing criminal about that, he had actually announced it: “I am a businessman…we are here to do business”(1).

This is how, over the last five seasons, the successive sales of Grbic, Bayo, Samed, Hountondji and other Seidu or Wieteska have generated a positive balance of 41.7 million euros compared to low recruitment expenses ( 2). Money can therefore bring happiness to some but not to everyone. It’s the game, my poor Lucette!

The Tarpaulin / Photo Yves Meunier

Note also that the club’s financing of the 7 million euro Performance Center project benefits from the 33 million received from the Luxembourg fund CVC Capital Partners via the LFP commercial company. A windfall intended to develop French football and not to strengthen the clubs’ cash flow.
”To be happier, learn to be sad”. Perhaps we will have to follow this prescription from the psychologist Christophe André (3) if the lights go out at the end of the season.
In the meantime and from cock to donkey, this is a sequence that soothes the heart. After their European match lost at Michelin where they lost the light, the Cheetahs worked to restore their locker room to the state they wanted to find it when they arrived. Ever since Gerhard Vosloo or Flip Van der Merwe moved into the yellow and blue pack, we knew the South Africans’ taste for cleaning up but now… hats off, gentlemen!

(1) Interview Le 6-08-21
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(3) ”Consolations” Edition of the iconoclast

The SudAf household / Photos Yves Meunier


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