“It’s a hard blow for us”: a huge trailer stolen from the yard of a Lévis merchant

“It’s a hard blow for us”: a huge trailer stolen from the yard of a Lévis merchant
“It’s a hard blow for us”: a huge trailer stolen from the yard of a Lévis merchant

The Roulottes Chaudière business is asking for the public’s help to find a huge trailer that was stolen from its parking lot last Saturday night.

In a Facebook post, the merchant is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help him find his gigantic trailer.

“It’s a hard blow for us, but we are determined to get our property back,” the company said. Your help is invaluable and we will be forever grateful.”

An image captured by a surveillance camera, and shared by the merchant, shows a white Dodge Ram “pick-up” van pulling the enormous 2024 Wildwood 44view trailer.

In interview with The newspaperthe general director of Roulottes Chaudière, Mathieu Hérard, argues that the person who committed the theft “knew what they were looking for”.

“It was not on the edge of the land, it was even hidden by another row of trailers,” he explains. “At over 12,000 pounds, that takes a good truck too.”

A luxury model

The model that was stolen measures more than 13 meters long (45 feet) and retails for more than $100,000 at certain American retailers.

“We feel a little naked,” says Mr. Hérard. We feel like there’s been an intrusion into our own home.”

In addition to a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, two bunk beds and a loft, it has a gigantic island in its kitchen.



Photo provided by Roulottes Chaudière

The interior of the stolen luxury trailer.

Roulottes Chaudière’s post has been shared more than 1,000 times on Facebook.

Mr. Hérard says he is pleasantly surprised by the response from camping enthusiasts. Its business is also linked to the Camping Québec network which will notify its members to monitor new arrivals on their sites. An investigation is also being conducted by the Lévis City Police Department.

The general manager of Roulottes Chaudière, however, believes that the thief could have a large plot of land where he could hide the trailer until it is forgotten.

“It may be colored by my optimism, but I am still confident that we will find her,” hopes Mathieu Hérard.

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