“It thrills me to be on a boat”: Enora, 17, lives on a sailboat in Lorient

“It thrills me to be on a boat”: Enora, 17, lives on a sailboat in Lorient
“It thrills me to be on a boat”: Enora, 17, lives on a sailboat in Lorient

The blond head of Enora, 17, emerges from the cabin of her sailboat and invites us in, all smiles. We hurry to take shelter. A depression is just starting to hit the south coast of Brittany, and the weather is frankly uninviting. Does the young girl fear the gusts that will blow tonight? “Oh, is there a storm? Oh no, that doesn’t worry me at all.” She is serene.

“I find it funny”

“This is my cabin, this is the saloon, the kitchen, my father’s cabin, the toilets. So “. In just 20 seconds, we got around to the owner. The sailboat is moored in the water basin, just opposite the convention center. Enora Courrier, a first year student at Colbert high school in Lorient, has lived there every other week with her father for a little over two years. Not ordinary for a high school student! To her friends, she generally says that she lives “in the port”. “They don’t understand right away. I insist, yes, IN the port. They are first surprised, then impressed. It’s true that it’s different, but it’s like saying I live in a yurt I guess. I find it funny,” says Enora simply. She even sees it as an advantage: “It’s closer to high school, I get up less early in the morning when I’m here.”

Double life

When she is not living in the dock of the port of Lorient, she lives with her mother in a house in Etel. This double life pleases him. “I have a blast being on a boat. I like small tasks, filling the water bottles, the tank, taking care of connecting the electricity… And I am always ten meters maximum from my father.” In her large house in Etel, she admits that she lets herself go a little more. She tends to accumulate things in her room, whereas on the sailboat, there is no room for a teenager. In his small cabin, the decoration is sober, if not non-existent. “I like this difference,” she concludes.

Family history

The wind has picked up and the boat is starting to rock. Enora is not bothered for two cents. In fact, she doesn’t even “realize it.” Is it because sailing is in her blood that she is so comfortable on the water? His parents had already experienced life on a boat, before he was born and with his sister when she was still a baby. “They lived in the West Indies. In Jamaica and Martinique. Back in mainland France, on dry land, sailing remains very present. Enora recalls the years of sailing lessons, the regattas on a smaller sailboat acquired by her parents and the sailings to Groix. And also the ferrying of the small boat to Le Havre one summer, to bring it back to its big sister who lives in Normandy. Two weeks of sailing with her father, which she recounts with sparkling eyes. “I really like sailing,” she sums up.

Enora Courrier in the square, a space she shares every other week with her father. (Le Télégramme/Marie Sébire)

Enora was still able to test the limits of the experience of life at sea. Last summer, in 2023, the sailboat spent time at anchor in Etel. Not far from the shore, certainly, but the situation required a whole lot of logistics, and an annex to get to dry land. “I wouldn’t have seen myself doing that during school time!” » At that time, the teenager was training as a sailing instructor at the nautical club. Still, water is definitely his element. “We take advantage of it while being in the port. In the morning here, the sunrise is reflected in the water, it’s super beautiful.”




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