“One in two Guadeloupeans of working age is employed” indicates INSEE

“One in two Guadeloupeans of working age is employed” indicates INSEE
“One in two Guadeloupeans of working age is employed” indicates INSEE

An unemployment rate of 19%. Only 28% of young people are employed. 11% of part-time workers… the figures revealed by INSEE this Wednesday demonstrate the fragility of the job market in Guadeloupe. The rates show a significant differential with France. In the archipelago, unemployment and precariousness are more significant.

In 2023, half of Guadeloupeans of working age will have a job.”headlines the National Institute of Statistics and Studies (INSEE), which sees the glass half full, this April 24, 2024. The employment rate of 15/64 year olds reaches 52% locally, compared to 69% in mainland France .

Young people are particularly impacted by unemployment, which affects 31% of those under 30; only 28% of 15/29 year olds are professionally employed, compared to 49% in France. 23% of them are deprived of employment, studies and training, compared to 12% there. “This can be explained by the fact that 24% of 15-29 year olds who have left school have no diploma (compared to 14% in mainland France).”according to INSEE.

Unemployment as defined by the International Labor Office (ILO) concerns 19% of the active population (employed or unemployed) aged 15 or over in Guadeloupe”, adds the Institute.

People who are not counted, neither among the unemployed nor among the workers, form the inactive population. Some are not looking for work, or are not available, for various reasons (health, nearing retirement, caring for children or a dependent family member, etc.).
VSe “halo around unemployment“concerns 11% of the population aged 15 to 64 residing in Guadeloupe; it is three times more than in mainland France (4%).
Students are also part of the said “inactive“; they represent half of this category.

11% of people who hold a position are part-time; underemployment is three times more common in the territory than across the Atlantic (4%) and, on both sides, it concerns women more.

Public administration, education, human health and social action are the sectors that provide the most employment in the archipelago (37% of workers); this is also the case nationally.

Market services (commerce, transport, accommodation, catering) employ 22% of people with work in Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe also stands out for having a higher proportion of self-employed people in its active population than in France (21% compared to 13%). “This divergence highlights a specificity of the local employment market characterized by a larger share of craftsmen, traders and business leaders (12% compared to 7% in mainland France). specifies INSEE.

The INSEE study can be discovered in full > by clicking here.



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