“I am very lucky to live there”, here is his atypical house in the Gers

Françoise Laborde has a very special house in the Gers, her native land and that of her ancestors.

Born in Bordeaux, Françoise Laborde worked most of her life in Paris. She has been through the biggest television channels, as well as the Superior Audiovisual Council and the High Council for Equality between Women and Men. From now on, the former news presenter is retired, even if she remains very involved in different causes. She can finally rest in her very unusual house in Gers.

Françoise Laborde talks about her atypical house in the Gers

From the local newspaper South WestFrançoise Laborde spoke of her native land, the Gers, more precisely the town of Saint-Mont, in which she lives part of the year. “It’s the village of my father, of my grandfather, of my whole family”, she explained. So she knows this place and its history very well. The actress Macha Méril also lives in this department.

A few years ago, her husband, Jean-Claude Paris, bought the old monastery of Saint-Mont. “I already knew the house from the time of the old baroness, we came there from time to time. In fact, it’s a bit like in Pagnol”confided the journalist.

It is therefore in this atypical place that she lives part of the year. “I’m very lucky to live there, I love this house because I know it protects me. I don’t know how to tell you, there are places where you feel welcome, and that’s exactly what’s happening for me in Saint-Mont”Françoise Laborde told the newspaper. “When I arrive, I say hello to the house, I like doing that, and I know that the house likes that, and they like that we are there”she added.

photo credit: Instagram @frlaborde

His life in this place steeped in history

Furthermore, the history of the monastery is linked to that of the village. This building “was partly rebuilt in the 18th century, with larger rooms to make much more comfortable rooms, today some are guest rooms”as indicated South West.

Even today, Françoise Laborde feels a special atmosphere at the monastery. “We feel that there is a fervor, it is not a question of faith, these are men and women who lived there, and that is not indifferent to me, we still feel it at the monastery”, she explained. It’s a fairly simple place, although it is rich in history. “It’s not Versailles, there’s nothing extravagant, it’s quite neutral, but it’s an incredible place! »added the journalist, sister of Catherine Laborde.

Françoise Laborde and her family are not the only residents there! Hawks and bats also live there. “One evening I was reading in my bed, with the windows open, there were about ten books that came above the bed. When it was time to go to bed, they left. And the next morning, we found one still flying around the room, it had stayed there all night! The poor creature made me feel sorry for it. But bats are friendly, it’s like when you have a bird in the house”, she said. A very funny anecdote!



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