A71: work is planned on the Auvergne Volcanoes area

A71: work is planned on the Auvergne Volcanoes area
A71: work is planned on the Auvergne Volcanoes area

For the comfort and safety of its customers, APRR is carrying out work on the Auvergne West Volcanoes area in the Paris-Clermont direction. This work requires partial and total closures of the area over the coming weeks.

This work will allow the roads to be resurfaced, the pedestrian paths to be repaired, the ground markings to be resurfaced and parking spaces for light vehicles to be dewatered. They are part of a more complete process of modernization of commercial buildings and customer reception.

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Partial and total closures

From Monday February 19 to Friday March 29, partial closures of parking lots (cars and heavy goods vehicles) will be essential and will reduce parking capacity. This work will also require the total closure of the area, including services usually accessible from the secondary network, from Monday March 18 at 8 a.m. to Friday March 22 at 8 a.m.

Implementation of heavy goods vehicle ban during total closure

From March 18 (8 a.m.) to March 22 (8 a.m.), the parking of heavy goods vehicles will be completely prohibited in the West Volcanoes area and also in the East Volcanoes area. Please note that fuel distribution in the East area is only accessible to light vehicles.

To know
In the event of unfavorable weather conditions, technical hazards or incidents linked to the operation of the motorway calling into question the work execution deadlines, the postponement of closures will be possible, from Monday March 25 at 8 a.m. to Friday March 29 at 8 a.m.
The APRR highway works schedule is accessible by clicking here.




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