Morocco duly celebrated in the CAN 2023 final

Morocco duly celebrated in the CAN 2023 final
Morocco duly celebrated in the CAN 2023 final

Morocco was celebrated with great fanfare in Ivory Coast on Sunday after the victory of the Elephants in the CAN 2023 final. The flags of Morocco were raised, the public sang to the glory of the Kingdom, and demonstrations of fraternity between the two countries left their mark.

Just after the final whistle of the match between Ivory Coast and Nigeria (2-1), the Ivorian players let their joy burst onto the field to celebrate a consecration for players who had come a long way in the competition and who were able to continue thanks to the victory of Morocco, eliminated later at the gates of the quarter-finals.

But the Ivorians, grateful for the role played by the Lions of the Atlas, and by the friendship between the two peoples and the two countries, showed their consideration and the feelings of brotherhood that they have for Morocco just after their coronation as African champions.

Thus, immediately after the match, the stadium’s giant screens displayed the colors of the Moroccan flag in front of jubilant supporters expressing their joy and love for the Kingdom by repeating at the top of their lungs “Morocco, Morocco, Morocco”. Several Ivorian supporters also wore the Moroccan jersey during the match to express their friendship towards the country.

Likewise, Selefanto captain Max-Alain Gradel paraded several meters in front of the stands hoisting the Moroccan flag. The captain of the Elephants then took another flag of Morocco to carry it on stage during the presentation of the CAN trophy.

On social networks, Ivorians did not fail to show their love of Morocco in videos where they affirmed that each victory of the Elephants was a victory of Morocco too. “We do it for you”, “Ivory Coast and Morocco are the same”declared several content creators displaying themselves with lion figurines or with Moroccan jerseys.

The scenes of brotherhood between the two peoples moved Moroccan Internet users who supported and supported the Ivory Coast team since the elimination of the Atlas Lions and celebrated each of its victories.

The brotherhood between the two peoples is not limited to football and is not new, the two countries know each other and a large community of Ivorians lives in Morocco, just as a large Moroccan community is settled in Ivory Coast and was completely integrated.

This jubilation also gave rise to very funny little scenes of jealousy on the internet, notably from the Senegalese who showed their love for Morocco by telling the Ivorians that they were “the first” and “before them”.

At the end of the celebrations for the final, a small passing of the torch ceremony between Ivory Coast and Morocco, the next organizing country of the CAN, in 2025, in the presence of the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) , Fouzi Lekjaa.



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