Matthieu Delormeau (50 years old) makes his confession: “I took…

Matthieu Delormeau (50 years old) makes his confession: “I took…
Matthieu Delormeau (50 years old) makes his confession: “I took…

By Inez Jean-Baptiste

– Published on Jul 10, 2024 at 11:00 AM

Matthieu Delormeau, former iconic columnist of “Touche Pas à Mon Poste”, makes shocking revelations. Between confidences about his past and recent legal troubles, the famous television host has not finished making people talk about him.

Matthieu Delormeau, a well-known face to C8 viewers, continues to make headlines. After being taken into police custody at the beginning of July for a drug casethe latter is today at the heart of new worrying rumors. However, it is a confession made a few years ago on the set of the show 6 to 7 which resurfaces and attracts attention. The host had revealed a rather unsavoury habit from his youth: he stole money from his parents. A look back at these revelations and the recent controversies surrounding the former columnist of TPMP.

Matthieu Delormeau’s confessions on “Le 6 à 7”

It’s in September 2021, on the set of the show 6 to 7 broadcast on C8, that Matthieu Delormeau made a surprising confession. At the instigation of Cyril Hanouna, who asked his columnists to share unpublished anecdotes, the host revealed that he regularly stole money to his parents when he was younger. “Is it serious or not?”, he had launched, before explaining in detail his method of operation.

“My father would leave his jacket behind in the evening, he would come home every time and put his jacket away, then he would have a little whisky”the columnist remembers. Taking advantage of this routine, he discreetly took the wallet from his father to steal tickets. “I would buy a ticket almost every night and I think it was a very large amount.”he confessed, without showing any apparent remorse. This confession had surprised his colleagues and provoked a humorous reaction from Cyril Hanouna, who had suggested that Delormeau had perhaps financed the purchase of his Porsche with this money.

Legal troubles and rumors of attempted suicide

On July 1, Matthieu Delormeau was taken into police custody after being caught red-handed‘buy cocaine’ in front of his home in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district of Paris. According to information from Parisianthe host was released at the end of the day. This case took a judicial turn the following Thursday, when his dealer was sentenced by the Paris Criminal Court to two years in prison, one of which was to be served under an electronic tag, as well as a fine of 3,000 euros.

Since this Saturday, rumors have also been circulating concerning a supposed suicide attempt from the presenter of TPMP People by excessive alcohol consumption, which would have plunged him into an alcoholic coma. His relatives quickly denied this information to the site Purepeople.comclaiming it is fake news and thanking viewers for their support. “He asks for peace and quiet to find a peaceful daily life”they added.

A tumultuous father-son relationship

Alongside these revelations and controversies, the complicated relationship of Matthieu Delormeau with his father resurfaces. As our colleagues from Closerthe host has been on bad terms with his father for two years now. In March 2020, the fifty-year-old spoke about this difficult situation and expressed his regret for not having managed to improve their relationship. “It’s stupid because we always say that with the passage of time (…) reconciliation will one day take place on a hospital bed”he had notably confided.

Without going into details of the precise reasons for their disputethe latter had mentioned family stories and “nonsense”. “He has his character, me too. And then he is proud because he is my father, me too. We had one text in two years”he added with a hint of regret.



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