the influencer accused of attempted…

the influencer accused of attempted…
the influencer accused of attempted…

Poupette Kenza, whose real name is Kenza Benchrif, was indicted this Sunday, July 7. The web star was arrested upon her return to France in a case of attempted extortion, as revealed by Le Parisien.

This Sunday, July 7, according to Le Parisien, Kenza Benchrif, alias Poupette Kenza, was indicted for attempted extortion by an organized gang and criminal association.

The influencer allegedly hired a blackmailer to settle a financial dispute with her partner, which led to her arrest upon her return to France.

The 24-year-old mother, who lives in Dubai, was detained as she was preparing to attend a wedding.

Kenza Benchrif, who goes by the name Poupette Kenza on social media, has been indicted for attempted extortion by an organized gang and criminal associationthis Sunday, July 7.

According to information from the Parisianthe influencer, who lives in Dubai, was reportedly arrested upon her arrival in France as she was preparing to attend a wedding. Imprisoned, she is implicated in a dark case revealed following a couple’s complaint who says she was the victim of a blackmailer, hired by Kenza Benchrif and her husband.

Poupette Kenza imprisoned: on bad terms with her partner?

Last February, the Rouen public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation following a complaint from these two people. “The investigations have established that this couple, after having been subjected to various types of surveillance (physical, installation of mini-cameras near their home and GPS beacons placed on their vehicle), was physically threatened by an individual on condition of handing over the sum of 200,000 eurossaid the Rouen public prosecutor’s office.

The alleged perpetrator of the extortion attempt was arrested during the meeting scheduled for the handover of the money, while he was carrying a grenade. According to The Parisianthe woman who filed a complaint against Kenza Benchrif, would be his partnerwith whom the influencer wanted to settle a financial dispute by calling on a blackmailer.

Poupette Kenza imprisoned: her lawyers deny any role of their client in this affair

While she is followed by 1.6 million subscribers on Instagram et YouTubeKenza Benchrif reveals her daily life as a mother, sometimes controversial. Last month, she announced that she was pregnant with her third child. She could be involved as the ordering party in this case. In the meantime, the judge of liberties will rule on his possible placement in provisional detention.

Still according to The Parisianthe 24-year-old woman was also heard as a defendant in a separate procedure concerning deceptive commercial practices in the context of her activities as an influencer. Her lawyers, Jérémy Kalfon and Mourad Battikh, claim that Their client denies having played the role attributed to her in this file, “that on the contrary it has been robbed of a large sum of money and that proceedings have been initiated in this regard.”

Last May, Dilcrah, a government body that fights discrimination, had contacted the public prosecutor for anti-Semitic comments made on social networks by the influencer from Rouen.



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