Quinté+ on Wednesday July 10 in Enghien

Quinté+ on Wednesday July 10 in Enghien
Quinté+ on Wednesday July 10 in Enghien

Meet at Enghien this Wednesday at exactly 6pm for the start of the Prix de l’Opéra. Run over 2,150 metres with an autostart, this event brought together sixteen trotters aged 7 to 11. “He has always been there lately […] All lights are green”indicated in the columns of ParisTurf the coach of Galago du Cadran (3), Florent Lamare. It is for this gifted and regular “G” that our forecaster Cédric Bloquet has opted in this “nice” quinté to study. If he has not inherited the best of the numbers behind the car, Horatius of Ela (9), who will depend on the formidable Sassier-Rochard tandem, has an undeniable theoretical chance. The coach ofHamilton du Ham (11) wonders about the aptitude of his protégé at Enghien, nevertheless, Yoann Lebourgeois’ partner has the capacities to defend himself very well. If he is wary of “two or three customers”Stéphane Meunier believes that Great of Madrik (6) has its place in the good combination of the Quinté+. Gazoline du Seux (8) will have the disadvantage of starting on the outside in the first line, nevertheless it has shown its face again in the Prix Florence Lecellier. Having just made its comeback on the Soisy plateau, Enjoy The Game (13) could well be talked about again quickly and why not as early as this Wednesday. Forban (5) et Epson d’Ariane (7) also have regular chances for places.

Cédric Bloquet’s (ParisTurf) numerical selection: 3-9-11-6-8-13-5-7

“100% Quinté”: Christophe Meyer also trusts Galago du Cadran

In the show “100% Quinté+”, Christophe Meyer puts the starters of this Prix de l’Opéra through the mill and has chosen to slip, like Cédric Bloquet, Galago du Cadran at the top of his selection.

Galago du Cadran (3): “Well entered, with a good number, he really has everything going for him to compete for victory if everything goes well during the race.”

Horatius of Ela (9): “Recently he made a mistake shortly after the start at Enghien, but now with the autostart, it could help him.”

Hamilton du Ham (11): “We know him, with a number in the second line, we will have to aim right, but we will count on Yoann Lebourgeois to give him the right path.”

Great of Madrik (6): “His last race is to be erased, the quality is not lacking. His trainer will ask his driver, Matthieu Abrivard, to be more offensive, which I am not necessarily a fan of, because in the end the horse can miss.”

Gasoline of Seux (8): “She likes this course and will be driven by Alexandre Abrivard. She has some assets in her game.”

Find the interviews with the protagonists of this Quinté+ on Wednesday July 10 in Enghien:

The coach of Galago du Cadran (3), Florent Lamare :

The coach ofEpson d’Ariane (7), Daniel Béthouart :

Jean-François Senet, coach of Forban (5) et Funky d’Alb (4) :

The coach ofHoratius of Ela (9), Marc Sassier:

The coach of Faithful (2), Philippe Beurel:

The coach ofHamilton du Ham (11), Yannick Desmet:



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