Tibo InShape announces after the legislative elections to be a voter of “Ensemble”

Tibo InShape announces after the legislative elections to be a voter of “Ensemble”
Tibo InShape announces after the legislative elections to be a voter of “Ensemble”

Tibo InShape, the first French YouTuber, announced his political position this Sunday, July 7 on X. While influencers were at the heart of the political battle, the influencer announced that he would vote for Emmanuel Macron’s camp.

“I hope Tibo Inshape is crying.” In a message published on X (ex-Twitter) this Sunday, July 7, the number 1 YouTuber in France responds to a comment addressed to him on the result of the legislative elections. The New Popular Front came out on top after the second round, ahead of the presidential coalition, while the RN and its allies finished third, the opposite of what the polls had predicted.

“You are too convinced that you know who I am voting for. But no need to cry, I am voting Ensemble (the name of the Macronist coalition, Editor’s note),” the influencer replied in a tweet addressed to an Internet user who had accosted him.

“Now I can tell you without influencing you, the elections are over. On the other hand, I would never allow myself to judge you. You are free and responsible for your votes,” he added.

A “right-wing” videographer going against the grain

The sports YouTuber had, in a previous statement, stated that he considered himself “right-wing”, and had also assured that he could be Minister of Sports if asked.

“First of all, I am a business leader, so of course, when I vote, I think about my own interests and those of my loved ones, so yes, I can consider myself more right-wing (…) but human above all!”, he explained in an interview with the media outlet Brut.

The influencer’s political positioning was at the center of much speculation, while several very influential personalities in digital life such as Squeezie (Lucas Hauchard) or Léna Situations called for mobilization against the extreme right.

Tibo Inshape did not comment as such on the result of the vote this Sunday, July 7, which according to an estimate by Elabe for BFMTV-La Tribune Dimanche, the New Popular Front is in the lead, ahead of Ensemble and the National Rally, without a clear majority emerging. For his part, Squeezie was content with two emojis: a heart and a French flag.

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