“Idéfix and the Irréductibles” on France 4: a series with bite

“Idéfix and the Irréductibles” on France 4: a series with bite
“Idéfix and the Irréductibles” on France 4: a series with bite

With the tips of his ears and the end of his tail smeared in black, Dogmatix’s silhouette is recognizable among thousands. In the cartoon dedicated to him, season 2 of which is broadcast from Monday, July 8, from Monday to Friday at 11 a.m. on France 4, he is accompanied by a band of diehards who are not at all badass and new characters who are just as colorful.

The recipe for this exciting series, inspired by the work of René Goscinny and Albert Uderzo and full of discoveries that will delight parents? “Fights, humor, friendship, a bit of banquets and a lot of magic,” summarize Matthieu Choquet, writing director, and Olivier Brugnoli, director.

Here, there is no Asterix or Obelix. We are indeed in 52 BC, as Stéphane Bern’s voice indicates to the young spectators, but not in Armorica. No, it is in Lutetia, occupied by the Romans, that the animals “still resist the invader.”

Namely: Turbine, a dog faster than lightning (but who doesn’t have the light on all floors), Padgachix, a bulldog with a strong Toulouse accent, a great lover of sausages and Roman-style fights, Baratine, an alley cat with odd eyes and a murderous sense of humor, Asmatix, a veteran pigeon, Voldenuix, an apprentice druid owl, and of course Idéfix, a courageous and honest doggie.

Characters always well named

“Telling the adventures of this legendary character was a dream of Goscinny and Uderzo,” emphasizes Nadja Perret Gasser, production manager. “We had fun imagining Dogmatix’s past, before his meeting with Obelix,” continues Matthieu Choquet. The characters were first created for the series, before becoming the heroes of a comic strip, volume 6 of which has just been released.”

In this season 2, the diehards are playing ball in the hut of the former defeated Gallic leader when the ground suddenly starts to shake. “By Toutoutatis”, what is going on? It turns out that the architect of Labienus – “this general really existed, he won the War of Lutetia”, notes the writing director – has decided to create the Roman Express Network, known as the “RER”, so that the elite can cross the city without mixing with the populace. “Watch your step when getting off the cart”, he warns under the stunned gaze of the dogs. Before a chase that looks like “Mission Impossible” pits them against the Roman canine army.

Other characters, always well named, make their appearance. This is the case of Gracchus Pleindastus, a plump prefect more inclined to slum it than to Romanize, Chevrotine, the dog of the former Gallic chief determined to take revenge at all costs and escorted by Halowine, Arctix and Antarctix, a pack of (more or less) terrifying wolves. Magic lovers will be delighted with the arrival of Muffine, Sucrine and Nougatine, three mice, more resourceful than their master, apprenticed to Voldenuix. Olivier Brugnoli, for his part, has a weakness for “Sonélématine”, “the bird lover, with the air of an innkeeper, truculent and kleptomaniac”.

Over the course of the 52 episodes, some of which are still being finalized, the diehards will be confronted, at random, with “the pomdofine of discord” or the “phalera of fear” (The phalera was a military distinction among the Romans). A series that definitely has some bite, “by Bononos”!

Editor’s note:
« Dogmatix and the Irreducibles »,

unpublished season 2 directed by Olivier Brugnoli. Fifty-two 12-minute episodes.



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