Lauren Spencer-Smith to open the Montreux Jazz Festival

Lauren Spencer-Smith to open the Montreux Jazz Festival
Lauren Spencer-Smith to open the Montreux Jazz Festival

About a year after the release of her first studio album, “Mirror”, Lauren Spencer-Smith will be at the Montreux Jazz Festival. Discovered by posting covers on YouTube, the 20-year-old Canadian, who cites Adele as her role model, will be on stage at the Casino on July 5, 2024. Meet an artist who knew she “wanted to be a singer almost all her life”.

Your concert at Montreux Jazz will be your second visit to Switzerland. What do you think of your Swiss fans?

I’m really looking forward to coming back to Switzerland. Last time I came, everyone was very loud, very nice and very encouraging, so I’m really excited to come back.

What can people expect when they come to see you?

I would say a lot of the songs are sad so I expect everyone to feel a little sad or be ready to feel some emotions. I also definitely want to do some new covers and different songs than the ones I sang last year on tour.

And you, what do you feel when you are on stage?

Wow! Normally I just feel excited, always a little shocked. I still sometimes think I’m going to go on stage and no one’s going to be there or no one’s going to sing my lyrics. But being on stage is really fun and really cool and it’s something I’ve always dreamed of. Getting on stage every night on tour is really mind-blowing.

Your album “Mirror”, released in July 2023, is inspired by a breakup. Why did you choose this title?

Honestly, I chose the title “Mirror” for many reasons. One of them is that I felt like it was the most true to myself and my emotions. Like when you look in a mirror. I also felt like the mirror in my bedroom and the one in my bathroom saw different sides of me – like when you walk past the mirror crying to get a tissue or when you’re happy because you feel good about yourself. I felt like there were so many different emotions and roller coasters. There’s love songs, there’s sad songs. To me, it’s a really cool way to describe something in my life that’s seen me go through all these emotions.

Your title is there “Fingers Crossed”. How did you experience the success of this song?

I didn’t expect that at all. It was really something I just posted on the internet. The reactions the title got were totally unexpected. It was incredible that so many people wanted to listen to my song. I was very excited and on cloud nine.



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