Rapper’s trial ends this Friday

Rapper’s trial ends this Friday
Rapper’s trial ends this Friday

Rapper Moha La Squale, real name Mohamed Bellahmed, 29, has been on trial since Tuesday before the Paris court for domestic violence and death threats against several women. Behind bars since last February, he appeared in custody.

What is the rapper accused of?

Moha La Squale is accused of insulting, slapping, attempting to strangle, and even sequestering several former partners. These domestic violences for which he is being prosecuted span a period of five years, between 2017 and 2021. In total, six women accuse him. They gave chilling testimonies this week at the hearing.

On Tuesday, during the first day of the trial, Elodie

could not hold back her tears in court. “I no longer had a life, no more human rights,” said the 31-year-old woman, who was in a relationship with the rapper for two years, from 2016 to 2018. During the investigation, she told investigators that her partner, who was morbidly suspicious and jealous, showered her with insults, followed her everywhere in the street, and sometimes flew into an “extreme rage”: he slapped her violently, grabbed her by the hair to pull her to the ground, and spat in her face. Elodie also said she had suffered several attempts to suffocate or strangle her, including one with a telephone cable.

She also talked about her difficulty in getting out of this toxic relationship. “I tried to leave him several times, but I told myself that it would get better, and we would start the same cycle again.” She finally managed to break up in 2018. “It’s a relief of course. But I still have so much incomprehension: how did I end up in a relationship like this? Why did this happen to me?” she wonders. Today, Elodie is still followed by a psychologist.

“He alternated between being a prince charming and an executioner.”

Another complainant, Chloe

reported serious psychological violence that the rapper, whom she met on the set of a music video, allegedly inflicted on her, multiplying insults and denigrating remarks. “The first evening, he was adorable”, but he quickly alternated between the behavior of a “Prince Charming” and that of an “executioner”, says the young woman, who says she still has “difficulty controlling her anxieties” because of this traumatic experience. “I liked him a lot, I tried to understand him, even if I saw that he was not a balanced person”, she analyzes. For her, Moha La Squale is someone who “needs help”.

A third victim told investigators that the rapper had threatened her with a knife and, during a car ride, had hit her head against the window, before locking her in the trunk. “I couldn’t stand this life anymore, I wanted to die,” said the young woman in tears, who decided to file a complaint when she realized “that he was going to release a new album, as if nothing had happened.” Today, “I have flashbacks that come back. I haven’t gotten over it,” she said.

What does the rapper say?

Moha La Squale denies it all. He claims to be “not violent”. “Everyone tells their own truth”, he dodged during the trial. She’s “a girl who really freaked out”, for example, he reacted after the third victim’s testimony. Or again, “she lies a lot”, “she filed a complaint to screw up my life!”, he protested about Elodie, a vocabulary that also annoyed the presiding judge. Moha La Squale believes that several victims mutually convinced each other to file a complaint after exchanging on social networks and according to him, this amounts to a “conspiracy”.

On Wednesday, the rapper continued to deny any physical violence against the complainants, but said he regretted having “hurt” them. “I was violent in my words, in my behavior and in my actions,” he said, before adding: “I regret having trusted people who filed complaints against me because I literally did nothing.” Regarding him, psychiatric experts pointed to “narcissistic complacency fueled by success and notoriety.” Asked about his future, the rapper said he hoped to be able to devote himself to music again. In the meantime, he has “zero problems” in detention, he boasts: “I’m a sweetheart, everyone loves me.”

What are the requirements?

A six-year prison sentence, two of which were suspended, was requested against the rapper on Thursday. The prosecutor also requested an injunction for psychological care for the defendant.

For almost five years, Mohamed Bellahmed subjected his victims to a very similar pattern of violence, the prosecutor stressed. The young women were first “coaxed”, then subjected to psychological abuse (insults, humiliating remarks), death threats, and finally physical abuse: slaps, hair pulling, strangulation, suffocation with a pillow, the magistrate explained. During arguments, three of the six alleged victims were also sequestered by the defendant, who locked them in and took their phones to prevent them from calling for help, she insisted. The six women “unanimously” described the “two faces” of their ex-partner, who was at once “sweet, kind, affectionate” but could also “go off the rails in a second, and become this other person, jealous, angry, capricious, impulsive, violent and paranoid”, the prosecutor also stressed.According to her, the defendant showed a “total lack of questioning”: throughout the trial, the rapper repeated that his accusers were lying, and said he was the victim of a “plot” on their part. “It’s a bit too easy and above all insufficient: it’s not a position that reassures me, in terms of the risk of repetition in the future,” stressed the magistrate, who said she hoped that when “leaving the court, he would for once have a thought for the victims and what he will do in the future so that he does not make new ones.” The trial is due to end this Friday.



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