Cuisine: Esteban Malzac aims for the title of best apprentice in France

Cuisine: Esteban Malzac aims for the title of best apprentice in France
Cuisine: Esteban Malzac aims for the title of best apprentice in France

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Distinction. The young apprentice from the CFA in Rodez, second in the kitchen at the restaurant l’Estaminet, will aim for the highly coveted title of best apprentice in France next September.

Like the young Kiara Cochet, who has just been crowned one of the best apprentices in France (aesthetics), another Villefranchois, Esteban Malzac, will aim for the supreme title next September in Paris in the cuisine category.

Important to trust youth

With him, it’s a godsend. “. The owner of the restaurant on Place Bernard Lhez, Franck Desimpelaere, is full of praise for his young protégé. Especially since the “second in command” recently found himself at the helm of the restaurant after the chef had some health problems: “I think it is important to trust young people. In difficult times, they ran the kitchen masterfully. Esteban ran the shop, played the role of chef and with the whole team, they did a great job. I am very proud of that. “A meteoric rise for the young apprentice, 19 years old at the end of the month, who took advantage of this unexpected appointment”to gain autonomy and experience ” : “I learned a lot during these few days. I had to manage the team, the orders, learn to channel myself. It was a very good experience. And I think I have evolved quite a bit in my kitchen. I am calmer, more composed, and I try to bring more finesse to my recipes. “One thing is certain, Esteban has found his way. And the teenager has talent, since he has just won two gold medals in the departmental and regional competition for the best apprentice in France. Two first steps completed, before the grand finale in Paris next September to obtain the highly sought-after title of MAF.”Just being part of it was a great reward… I wanted to finish on time above all else, and getting these distinctions is a real bonus. Now I’m very happy to have qualified for the final and it pushes the challenge even further. In fact, I’m already going to start training.

I am interested in everything about food

Originally from Mayenne, Esteban Malzac grew up in Espedaillac in the Lot alongside his baker mother. After the 3rd year, the young man wanted to make his hands do the talking and move towards a craft profession: “I wanted something concrete.” he specifies. He will initially focus on butchery, and learn the trade alongside Jean-Michel Malzac and Mas in Figeac. With his butcher’s certificate in hand, the teenager will add a string to his bow by obtaining that of charcutier/caterer : “I worked at the Géraud delicatessen, where I passed my CAP. Thierry taught me the basics of cooking, and I understood afterwards that I wanted to go into this field. I’m interested in everything about food. “His former supervisor will then put him in touch with Franck and Caroline from l’Estaminet, who will hire him for extras during the summer. The start of a wonderful taste and human adventure.

The whole team will be behind him

While the young apprentice has already taken part in the MAF departmental competition in butchery, he is taking on a new challenge in the cooking category: “The challenge was motivating. I wanted to go further, and prove to myself that I could do it. “He will then stand out during the departmental and regional tests last March at the chamber of trades:”I was alone taking the tests, and it wasn’t easy because there weren’t others to pull me up. Plus, it was during the CFA open days. There were quite a few people, and I had to stay focused and keep up the pace for five hours. “Assessed on techniques, hygiene, work organization, presentation and even food pairing, the young man won over the jury with his creativity and know-how. The two gold medals obtained, i.e. two scores above 18 out of 20, open the doors wide for him to the grand finale which will take place at the prestigious Médéric hotel school in Paris.”It’s great for him, he loves his job. ” adds his supervisor Franck Desimpelaere. “We are very proud to accompany him until the final. We will not let him go, and the whole team will be behind him so that he achieves his goals. “.

Very high maturity

If he is where he is today, Esteban does not forget to thank the many people he has met and who have always been “good advice”his family, his former bosses, his cooking teacher Mr. Lebigre… And of course his colleagues at the Estaminet, this small family restaurant where the average age flirts with 18 springs: “Young people make mistakes, that’s normal, but as long as we respect them… “explains the master of the place: “We are here to guide them, and above all, to trust them. They do great things, are involved and are serious in their work. […]. Regarding Esteban, he is a very good element, with a normal ambition. He is someone gifted, with a very great maturity. “The young apprentice, who has just passed”two exceptional days“at Bras in La Guiole, will probably no longer be at the Estaminet next year (he will continue at the CFA by integrating the Brevet professionnel cuisine):”The boss pushes me to see something else ” he confides. But he will not forget “this great team “with which he has the pleasure of evolving:”We are all very young, we laugh a lot and there is a very good understanding at work. Franck and Caroline have this concern to train future generations, it is very important for us young people.” From now on, we will have to manage the summer crowds at the Estaminet, and start working extra hard to be ready for the big day when several egg-based preparations will be noted: “ I think ahead, I do tests and I will time myself in the spirit of the competition. This MAF title can open a lot of doors. Now that I’m here, I’m going to do everything to get there.” That’s all we wish him…



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