Ziggy Alberts in Quebec: like a fish in water

Ziggy Alberts in Quebec: like a fish in water
Ziggy Alberts in Quebec: like a fish in water

Passionate about surfing and a lover of big waterways, Australian singer Ziggy Alberts is excited to perform again on a stage in the capital with a view of the river. He will be at the Agora du Port de Québec on July 9, almost a year after his appearance at the Festival Cigale in Beauport Bay.

“It’s the perfect place for me and my style of music,” the folk singer rejoices in an interview with The newspaper. “The quality of the experience is doubled thanks to this kind of setting. In addition, the welcome I have received in Quebec since my first visit in 2018 is always incredible,” he explains.

A few days before heading to Quebec City, the 29-year-old artist, who has more than 1.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify, will be in Montreal for the International Jazz Festival for a second consecutive year. He intends to enjoy the waves on the outskirts of the city.

“There is a very nice surf culture in Montreal, I always bring my board when I go there. It’s another point that makes Quebec so special for me,” he says.

More grandiose shows

Critics have been unanimous regarding the success of Ziggy Alberts’ last two shows in Quebec, in 2023. The main person concerned promises even more during his next visit, since he will benefit from a scenography very similar to that of his concerts on Australian soil.

“The guy who does all the visual effects when I’m in Australia is coming with me on tour this year. I can’t think of anyone more talented than him, it’s amazing what he can add to a show,” praises Ziggy Alberts.

Viewers can expect to hear his most popular tracks, such as Runaway et Laps Around The Sunbut also new tracks.

Ready to help with wildfires

Ziggy Alberts has long been an advocate for environmental causes, both through his song lyrics and through his efforts to make his shows eco-friendly. As an Australian, he is particularly sensitive to the issue of wildfires and says he is ready to help regions of Quebec that are afflicted by them, such as the Côte-Nord most recently.

“It’s a cliché to say, but we have to take care of nature; it’s scary to see these kinds of apocalyptic scenes during forest fires,” he laments. “I try to get involved personally or contribute financially when I have the opportunity. I sincerely hope that the people of Quebec can spend the summer safely.”

Ziggy Alberts will be performing in Montreal on July 4 at the MTelus, then in Quebec City on July 9 at the Agora du Port.



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