Malika Ménard engaged to Karim: Miss France reveals photos of marriage proposal with her mysterious lover

By Louise Martin | Editor

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Confirming that she would soon be getting married, former Miss France Malika Ménard has published photos of her partner Karim’s marriage proposal, revealing his silhouette on Instagram, as well as his face.

Malika Ménard engaged to Karim: Miss France reveals photos of marriage proposal with her mysterious lover

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Revealed to the general public in 2010, Malika Ménard, who at the time wore the Miss Normandy sash, was elected Miss France that year. Like many other beauty queens before her, the young woman, now aged 36, embarked on a career in the media. She has worked as a journalist and presenter on various television channels such as France 3, The Teamor even NRJ12. She has also distinguished herself on the airwaves, notably by participating in the morning show of M Radio. Since 2022, she has hosted the show called School Memories on SQOOL TV, a channel specializing in education-related topics.

On the private side, Malika Ménard has shared the life of several men over the years. However, it seems that she has now found the one with whom she will spend the rest of her life. Indeed, the magazine Gala revealed in its issue of Thursday, June 27, 2024 that Malika Ménard would soon be marrying the person who currently shares her life.

It is a 50-year-old Belgian-Moroccan businessman named Karim. The former Miss France confirmed this information on Tuesday, July 2, 2024 by posting several photos of her partner’s marriage proposal on her Instagram account. In these famous photos, Malika Ménard reveals for the first time the silhouette of her future husband, but not yet his face.

The two lovebirds were on a beautiful Parisian balcony with a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower when Karim asked the former beauty queen if she wanted to be his wife. In another photo, Malika Ménard reveals a close-up of her engagement ring. To make his request, Karim had set up a huge bouquet of white and blue flowers in the shape of a heart on this famous balcony, with the message “Will you marry me? (Editor’s note: Will you marry me?)” inside. The former Miss France therefore seems to have let herself be convinced by this magnificent attention.

Malika Ménard confirms her engagement to her partner Karim

You’ve known me for a few years now, I’m naturally discreet about my love life. For once, I wanted to share with you some important news: I’m engaged. Because you’ve carried me through the dark times, I wanted to bring you a little light too. ‘The darkness has to get deeper for the first star to appear’ wrote Christian Bobin“, added Malika Ménard as a caption, before signing this message with the name “my queen“.



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