Manor Cultural Prize 2025: new talents awarded!

Manor Cultural Prize 2025: new talents awarded!
Manor Cultural Prize 2025: new talents awarded!

Basel (ots)

The juries of the Manor Cultural Prize 2025 have deliberated, new talents are revealed and will be awarded in 2025! Congratulations to Cassidy Toner, winner of the cantons of Basel-City and Basel-Country, Noemi Pfister in Graubünden, Sarah Benslimane, winner of the canton of Geneva, Andrin Winteler, who won the Prize for the canton of Schaffhausen and finally Lorenza Longhi awarded in the canton of Zurich*.

A springboard for the contemporary art scene, the Manor Cultural Prize has been revealing and encouraging talent for 42 years. “The goal of our approach is to support artists with promising work, whatever the discipline they work in. We are happy to allow the winners to take an additional step in their journey,” explains Pierre-André Maus, Administrator of Maus Frères SA, Representative of the Cultural Prize. “The Manor Cultural Prize is a living Prize, which places open-mindedness at the heart of its existence and thus reflects the kaleidoscopic aspect of artistic practice in Switzerland.”

The 2025 winners once again demonstrate the variety of mediums used, ranging without exception from photography or performance to video, sculpture and often the combination of a multitude of these practices, as well as the diversity of perspectives and from the points of view of award-winning artists. Each and everyone is thus offered the opportunity to exhibit in a major institution in their canton and to be able to make their work known thanks to a first monographic publication of their works. In addition to granting a bonus to the artist, the sponsoring company acquires a piece for its collection.

HAS Baselit’s the artist Cassidy Toner who is the lucky winner and will thus exhibit in 2025 at Basel Art Museum. Born in 1992 in Baltimore in the United States, she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York in 2014 and completed her Master of Fine Arts at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel FHNW in Basel in 2018 The artist received various awards such as the Werkbeitrag from the Kunstkredit of the city of Basel in 2018 and benefited from residency grants in Basel, Saint Imier and Porto.

For Cassidy Toner, the idea defines the medium – her works combine sculpture, ceramics, painting, photography and protean installations to explore themes of desire, existence, prejudice and patterns of destructive behavior. Cassidy Toner has led individual, duo and group exhibitions notably in Lausanne, Milan, Mexico, Munich and Zurich. She is currently represented by Galerie Philippzollinger.

The painter Noemi Pfister wins the Manor Cultural Prize at Graubünden Art Museum for this canton. Noemi Pfister, who is originally from Graubünden, obtained a bachelor’s degree in visual arts with a specialization in painting at HEAD in Geneva in 2017. In 2019, a year after starting her Work.Master, she moved to Basel where she obtained a Master of Fine Arts at the Institute Art Gender Nature, Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Basel FHNW. The same year, Noemi Pfister co-founded Palazzina, an exhibition space and artist residency. She won the Werkbeitrag prize of the city of Basel in 2021 and has had residencies in Paris and La Chaux-de-Fonds.

In her painting, Noemi Pfister combines motifs from art history and popular culture, thus playing with references from collective memory. In his dreamlike landscapes linger enigmatic characters who seem to come from a parallel world. Their bodies appear anatomically distorted. They sit on skateboards or scroll through their cell phones. The visual worlds sometimes recall the composition of works by old masters, but the characters’ clothing, their postures or their objects reflect our present. By combining the familiar and the sinister, their images explore future forms of communities in which we might live.

The jury of Geneva gathered at Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art (MAMCO) decided to select Sarah Benslimane to receive the Manor 2025 Cultural Prize for this canton. Sarah was born in France in 1997 to an Algerian father and a French-Swiss mother. She lives and works in Geneva.

Part of a generation of artists who live their lives under the umbrella of the Internet, Sarah creates sculptural paintings that reflect the overflow of information, history, images and styles immediately available at our fingertips . Her works thwart our expectations of reality, shattering received ideas of vulgarity, gentleness, femininity and the present moment. They create a physical space where naivety, joking and seriousness coexist in harmony. After a presentation at the Geneva Contemporary Art Center in 2022, the Manor Cultural Prize 2025 will be the occasion for the artist’s first major exhibition, in collaboration with the Société des arts de Genève, at the Palais de l’Athénée .

HAS Schaffhausenthe Manor Cultural Prize 2025 will be awarded to Andrin Winteler At All Saints Museum. This photographer and artist born in 1986 grew up in Schaffhausen, and has lived and worked in Zurich since 2015. He obtained a bachelor’s degree from the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) in the Art and Media department in 2011 and spent a semester at the foreigner at the PNCA art school in Portland, Oregon (United States). Before these studies, Andrin completed a professional apprenticeship as an employee specializing in photography.

Andrin Winteler looks at the technical possibilities of the camera and explores the limits of the photographic medium by intervening in the production of the image. This is how landscapes with geometric shapes are born, groups of deformed trees or car tires that wrap around their own axis. In the most recent phase of his work, the artist combines photography and video with real objects for the first time; he now takes over the entire space beyond the walls and creates an interaction between the works. With his works, Andrin contributes to current questions which, given the flood of images on social networks or Artificial Intelligence and the challenge that this represents for our concept of truth, are of great social relevance. The jury particularly appreciated the significant development of Andrin’s artistic work and offers him, with this incentive prize and his very first individual exhibition in a museum, the chance to present his work to a wide audience.

The winner of the Manor 2025 Cultural Prize for the canton of Zurich At Winterthur Museum of Fine Arts East Lorenza Longhi. Born in 1991 in Lecco, Italy, Lorenza Longhi lives and works in Zurich. Lorenza obtained her Bachelor of Arts (Visual Arts) at the Academia Di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan in 2014, followed by a Master of Arts in the field of Visual Arts at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in 2018. She received various prizes such as the Henraux International Sculpture Prize in 2022 and has been in residence, among others, at the Sonnenstube in Lugano, at the Swiss Institute in New York and at SOMA in Mexico City.

Lorenza explores the codes of our social environment through painting and installations. His works include the reproduction or direct use of everyday objects and furniture. It also integrates visual elements from advertising and communication into its own image production. To the formalism of mass-produced consumer objects and advertising campaigns, she opposes manual labor and a Do It Yourself aesthetic. By looking at his works, the public is reminded of their relationship to consumer culture.

*Note: the winner from the canton of St. Gallen (Kunstmuseum) will be revealed later.

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A commitment to the young Swiss artistic scene

The Manor Cultural Prize, which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2022, is one of the main prizes for promoting contemporary art in Switzerland. It was launched in 1982 by Philippe Nordmann with the aim of providing a platform for young Swiss artists. It is awarded each year by a professional jury alternating in the following cities: Aarau, Basel, Bienne, Chur, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne (for central Switzerland), Lugano, Schaffhausen, Sion, St. Gallen and Winterthur. A look at the list of winners shows that the Manor Cultural Prize has given, for a good number of artists, the kick-off to an international career.

Manor warmly congratulates the winners of the 2023 Manor Cultural Prize and wishes them great success in the rest of their artistic journey!

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