Prince William: what’s behind his hilarious dance at the Taylor Swift concert

Prince William: what’s behind his hilarious dance at the Taylor Swift concert
Prince William: what’s behind his hilarious dance at the Taylor Swift concert

His hip swing has gone around the world. On June 21, Prince William celebrated his 42nde birthday at the Taylor Swift concert with her children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte. On this special occasion,
Kate Middleton’s husband was filmed going wild on Shake
it off
one of the American singer’s hits.
A liberated dance which has caused a lot of discussion on social networks, and which according to experts has many meanings!

Questioned by the British tabloid
The Sunbody language expert Judi James describes a dance “epic through which the prince would have truly let the mask fall. “He is standing, alone, totally visible, but he dances like no one is watching.”

“This joyful dance resembles a festive dance”

According to James, the Prince of Wales would have given the public a glimpse of a part of his personality usually reserved for his intimate setting. “Chest vibration is a fairly difficult technique, which suggests thathe has already practiced it in private on several occasions”, continues the body language expert. This joyful dance resembles a festive dance. He holds his hands up, his chest out and waddles from side to side in a rather sexy way, with his head back and his jacket open.”

One thing is certain, the prince and his two eldest children had an absolutely magical evening. In addition to being filmed going wild to the music of
Taylor Swift
, the royals were photographed backstage all smiles with the singer. An official photo of Prince William, Prince George and Princess Charlotte taking a selfie with the singer Blank Space was notably shared on the official Kensington Palace Instagram account. “Thank you Taylor Swift for a great evening!”, said the legend.

Prince William and Taylor Swift, a long-standing friendship

For her part, the American singer published the famous selfie in the company of the Windsors, in which her companion, American footballer Travis Kelce, also appears. “Happy Birthday dude. The London tour is off to a great start!”, wrote the young 34-year-old artist in the caption of the photo.

As a reminder, Prince William and Taylor Swift have been friends for a long time. In 2013, they notably made headlines after sharing the stage on a cover of Livin’
On A Prayer
by Bon Jovi during a charity event.



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