meeting with the supergroup Komodrag & The Mounodor

meeting with the supergroup Komodrag & The Mounodor
meeting with the supergroup Komodrag & The Mounodor

They have long hair and a fixed idea: the Bretons of Komodrag and the Mounodor have decided to put their vintage look and their energy at the service of trendy revival rock. And it works pretty well for them…

Long hair, sideburns, fringed jackets, colorful shirts, bell bottoms… no doubt, with such a look, Komodrag & the Mounodor don’t come to Hellfest to play gothic metal. Their thing would rather be the good old rock of the 60s/70s, somewhere ebetween MC5, the StoogesCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young, and the Jefferson Airplane.

And to achieve their goals, they pulled out all the stops, starting with the merger of their respective groups, Moundrag and Komodor. Result : seven musicians on stage, two drums, a Hammond organ and tube amps for the seventies sound, fuzz guitars for the psychedelic touch… crazy energy and smiles as a bonus. These musicians love the stage and devour it!

Buoyed by the success of their first album released at the end of 2023, Green Fields Of Armorica, the seven boys have just released an absolutely divine double single… Enough to prepare us for a premiere show at Hellfest. Interview…

What does metal mean to you? ?

Slyde (guitar/vocals): Metal for us is a big family and a loyal community, which has existed and continued alongside the contemporary music industry! We are more fans of the precursors of the style than of what can exist today with groups like Black Sabbath, Budgie…

How does it feel to play at Hellfest this year?

Slyde: It’s a good opportunity for us to be scheduled at the festival and to share the stage with some people we like!

This type of niche festival allows you to increase your audience and confront an audience of connoisseurs.


Singer and guitarist

How do you prepare for such an appointment?

Slyde: We try not to put pressure on ourselves and to approach it like any concert so that we can play at our best and not hold ourselves back and have fun!

What do you expect ?

Slyde: This type of niche festival allows you to increase your audience and to confront an audience of connoisseurs who are often more loyal and demanding than in “more eclectic” festivals in terms of programming!

The group, the album, the title or the live performance that marked you for life ?

Slyde: FreeBird’s live performance by Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Oakland Coliseum Stadium in 1977 is for us one of the greatest performances in rock history!

Your best or most unpleasant tour anecdote?

Slyde: All tours have their share of more or less pleasant events… We still have a lot of good times sharing with great people! The moments when you get arrested abroad by the police are not always pleasant moments, for example… haha

What’s the stupid song that’s playing on loop in your head or on the tour bus? ?

Slyde: We listen to a lot of Cumbia once the evening is a little drunk, it makes us laugh! We really like Rolando Bruno, a star of Cumbia in Colombia!

Rather MainStage or Altar ? Which bands are you sure to listen to? at Hellfest?

Slyde: In terms of programming, we are more familiar with the MainStage than the Altar! But our favorite stage is still the Valley, we are happy to play on the same day as Graveyard which we love!

Thank you Slyde, thank you Komodrag & The Mounodor

Komodrag & The Mounodor will play at the Valley on June 27 at 4:30 p.m.

More info on Komodrag & The Mounodor here, on Hellfest here

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