After 60 years on RTL, Philippe Bouvard will retire in January

After 60 years on RTL, Philippe Bouvard will retire in January
After 60 years on RTL, Philippe Bouvard will retire in January

A page in the history of radio and RTL, in particular, will be filmed in January. Philippe Bouvard, who at the age of 94 still writes a weekly column on RTLhas in fact, on Sunday on the air, that he will hang up the 1er January.

“There is a temptation, which is not a temptation of laziness, but a temptation of record, it is to go until January 1st, it will not be bad enough, and then to listen to the others and to be silent”, explained on RTL the animator, creator of Big heads.

Philippe Bouvard is still aiming for a “double record”

“Because on January 1, I will have established the double record that I hoped for, that is to say 60 years of radio and 60 years of RTL,” continued Philippe Bouvard. “I would really like to have this one, because, I won’t hide it from you, I really liked the radio, and the radio did it well for me. »

According to RTLthis would constitute a ” world record “. Philippe Bouvard, who started at the station in 1965 when it was still called Radio Luxembourgwould then become “the host who has done the most seasons” on the same radio.

“A pioneer of humor on the airwaves”

Philippe Bouvard launched The Big Heads, his flagship show, in 1977, surrounded in particular by Roger Pierre, Jacques Balutin, Jean Yanne and Thierry Le Luron. Extremely popular, the show quickly became the most listened to in France.

Philippe Bouvard will remain at the head of Big heads for 37 years, only reluctantly leaving the show in 2014, giving way to Laurent Ruquier.

He then animates Hello Bouvardon weekends until summer 2020. Then has since held a chronicle The Portraits of Philippe Bouvardevery Sunday, in RTL Matin Weekend.

“We understand his choice, but Philippe knows that he belongs forever to the RTL family”reacted Régis Ravanas, the president of RTL, who believes that he has “revolutionized radio”.

Philippe Bouvard is “an erudite pioneer of humor on the airwaves” at the“lively, independent and impertinent spirit”also paid tribute to him Gauthier Hourcade, the program director of RTL.



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