Tibo InShape considers himself “right-wing” and says he would accept being Minister of Sports

Tibo InShape considers himself “right-wing” and says he would accept being Minister of Sports
Tibo InShape considers himself “right-wing” and says he would accept being Minister of Sports

France’s leading YouTuber confides in an interview that he is “right-wing”, “but above all human”. He also assures that he would be ready to accept an appointment as Minister of Sports, without the political side of the government of which he could be part “blocking” him.

The first YouTuber in France admits to being “right-wing”. In a long interview with the media Brut, the YouTuber specializing in sports Tibo InShape, followed by more than 20 million people, discusses his political position and his perception of the legislative elections, after having called “to vote”, without taking a position for a camp in particular.

“In all honesty, I think I’m more right-wing,” assures the thirty-year-old.

“Already, I am a business manager so obviously, me, in the voting booth, I think about my own interest and that of my loved ones, so indeed I can consider myself more right-wing yes (…) but human above all !”, he elaborates.

In passing, he rejects several accusations against him: “I know that I am not racist, I know that I am not homophobic, I know that I am not everything that ends in ‘-phobe’ but it is true that people like to put that image on me,” he laments.

Ready to be Minister of Sports

He would also like to be able to promote sport and its benefits to as many people as possible. Asked whether he would agree to become Minister of Sports, he replied “yes”, also saying he was “not stuck” on the political direction of the government he would consider joining. “Sport has helped me so much personally (…) that I want to strongly advise people to do sport,” he argues.

“Whether it’s extreme left, extreme right, provided that I am not blocked in my decision-making (…), I am not blocked in relation to that”, he assures.

On the possibility of taking such a position in a government of Jordan Bardella or with Marine Le Pen, the videographer replies: “It’s a very good question, we’ll talk about it again. It’s not planned for the moment.”

However, he specifies that there would be risks for him to get involved in politics and that he “would risk making more enemies than friends”. He also judges that he would have “no interest” in doing so in terms of “business”.

The videographer also recognizes that he has difficulty “thinking about the whole” of the population, particularly when voting, and explains his order of priorities when going to the voting booth: “We think about ourselves, we think also to those close to us and then we think of others.”

“Everyone votes for the party they want”

Far from the hypotheses of a political career, the young man also returns to the open letter that he published on his X account (formerly Twitter), in which he calls for voting in general but not for a particular camp. “You are old enough to make your own choice”, he justified in particular.

“I find it cool that we each have, even in parties, in families, different opinions (…): everyone discusses, right-wing ideas, left-wing ideas, extreme left, extreme right, we mix All of that, we put together a package and the politicians try to do something correct,” he continues in the interview with Brut.

Some Internet users have criticized the fact that he does not position himself clearly, like France’s now second YouTuber Squeezie, who called to vote “against the far right” in a long, argued message.

“I didn’t necessarily agree with him, then once again he has the right to have his opinion. (…) The letter was very well written, we feel that he had help with it. ‘write and I understand, it’s such a complicated subject.’

“We are content creators, we are not supposed to be politicized, even if some could say that the role of influencer is also to give advice or guidance. My opinion is ‘everyone does what’ he wants, everyone votes for the party they want'”, he further argues.

“In France, people are not patriotic enough”

The first YouTuber in France mentions as elements which can classify him in the right part of the political sphere, his display of the French flag in his gym, the very fact that he does bodybuilding, a sport which has “a right-wing image” because it is linked to the values ​​it conveys (“work, self-sacrifice, sacrifice”).

He also believes that “there is a problem in France, people are not patriotic enough”.

In this regard, he cites attacks received for the large French flag which sits in his room: “Unfortunately, or fortunately for others, the extreme right has recovered the French flag and today, the extreme left should and the left recover the French flag to put it back in the center.

“You have to be proud to be French but no, being proud to be French does not necessarily mean that you belong to the extreme right or that you are racist,” he says.

Proximity to the macronie

In the past, the YouTuber has participated in several videos with government figures under Emmanuel Macron and to enthusiastically present institutions such as the police and the army, as well as the Universal National Service (SNU) for young people.

According to the videographer, his videos in fatigues or in uniform are linked to his childhood dream of enlisting in the army or being part of the police: “It’s associated with the right, or even the extreme right, and yet, I am sure that we go to any police station, there are lots of people who vote for “different” parties.

According to a study by the Science Po Cevipof research center carried out ahead of the 2022 presidential election and cited by L’Humanité, 44% of police officers were preparing to vote RN in the first round, 24% for Les Républicains and 20% for Emmanuel Macron.

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