David Hallyday speaks about his relationship with his sisters Jade and Joy

David Hallyday speaks about his relationship with his sisters Jade and Joy
David Hallyday speaks about his relationship with his sisters Jade and Joy

David Hallyday in “50’ Inside”

The 57-year-old artist has just released a new album, Requiem pour un fou, paying tribute to around twenty of his father’s greatest songs. He spoke to Isabelle Ithurburu in “50′ Inside”.

“One of the most discreet in his family.” This is how Isabelle Ithurburu presented David Hallyday in his portrait of the week broadcast in “50′ Inside”. The 57-year-old man answered the journalist’s questions on camera in the setting of the Saint Germain studios.

Child of two immensely known artists – Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan – David Hallyday had to live his entire childhood with the absence of his parents. “I suffered from it but then I was also raised in love so you understand the absences. I was absent too, I wasn’t there for my children all the time. I did what I could, I hope I did well but they don’t blame me much for the moment. »

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Nearly seven years after the death of his father, David Hallyday decided to release an album of covers of Johnny’s greatest songs, entitled Requiem for a fool. “Obviously I think of him, and anyway I think of him all the time when I make this album. But I wonder how he would have taken it, it’s always a bit of a question mark. I hope so “he said, thoughtfully.

“It did something to me to see her react”

He obviously reinterpreted the famous song Blood for blood which he had written for his father and which tells of their father-son relationship. And if in the original clip, David Hallyday plays pool with his father Johnny, the 2024 version sees Cameron, his son, appear instead. “My children have always been an extension of myself. I didn’t do everything well but I tried to do well. And they became good people so it’s a great achievement. »

This album invariably remains a family story. And if he has not yet made his sister Laura Smet listen to it in its entirety, she was able to listen to one of the tracks, hers, Laura. “She really liked it, that’s her title. She is obviously very close to this song so it did something to me to see her react”, he explained. On the other hand, his two other sisters Jade and Joy – born from the union between Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia Hallyday – have not yet officially listened to the album.

“If they want to, but we shouldn’t force people,” replied David Hallyday when Isabelle Ithurburu asked him if he wanted them to listen to him. The latter, however, is not closed to seeing his relationships evolve with his two little sisters. “I think they need to grow up a little bit. And then that they have a little perspective, life experience and if they want I will be there. And if they don’t want to, I’ll still be there the day they want to.”did he declare



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