this concern loaded with meaning noticed…

this concern loaded with meaning noticed…
this concern loaded with meaning noticed…

Questioned by Bfmtv on June 21, the sound of the voice of the public prosecutor of Aix-en-Provence suggests a certain concern. These are certainties concerning the case of Emile’s death.

It has now been almost 3 months since the bones of young Emile were discovered. Remember that his bones were discovered in a Haut-Vernet forest. Despite this discovery,
the death certificate of the little boy has still not been signed. Something which should not take long, according to the colleagues of the BFM YOU SAY.

According to our colleagues, this signing should take place in the coming days. Despite everything, our colleagues explain that this step would be a “simple formalization of death“and that he would not bring”nothing significant to the investigation“However, signing this death certificate is of major importance to the little boy’s family. After all, this certificate “formalizes the death of the child“and finally the family”undertake the administrative and civil procedures“.

Death of Emile at Vernet: the answers are still far away

Asked by Bfmtvon Friday June 21,
Jean-Luc Blachon, the public prosecutor of Aix-en-Provence, did not give much information on the case. “Analyzes are not completed“, he simply blurted out. However, our colleagues affirm that the sound of the magistrate’s voice
said a lot.

A sound of voice that speaks ofuncertainties regarding the upcoming conclusion of the investigation to find out the truth about the
death of Emile at Vernet. The investigation would befar from finished“. Moreover, the judges asked that new, more in-depth analyzes are carried out. Reason why the bones of the young boy cannot yet be returned to the family.

Death of Emile at Vernet: a hypothesis ruled out for the moment

Concerning the signing of Emile’s death certificate, a source close to the matter told BFM YOU SAY : “This is important for the family because at some point the child must be declared dead and this can only be done if we are certain of his death. These are the investigating judges who give this certificate“.

As for the current investigation, another source speaks of several hypotheses. Only, the one where little Emile would have been
lost alone would be ruled out for the moment. “If we were certain that the child was lost, we would stop everything. And we don’t have that certainty at all.
We are far from it and we are still working to not miss anything“, the insider pointed out.



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