Soul revelation Crystal Murray escapes musical genre stereotypes

Soul revelation Crystal Murray escapes musical genre stereotypes
Soul revelation Crystal Murray escapes musical genre stereotypes

Sad lovers and giants, is the title of Crystal Murray’s first album. At 22 years old, this Franco-American is not unknown to music lovers of pop, electro matinee, r’n’b, because she had already released two mini-albums and been selected at the Montreux festival.

The Montreux Jazz Festival noticed Crystal Murray when she was only 19 years old. But boy can’t lie: his father, David Murray, an African-American jazz saxophonist, introduced him to John Coltrane, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye, and his mother, Valérie Malot, a native of a Spanish volcanic island in the Canary Islands, also works in Afro-descendant music as a manager and concert producer. No wonder the young woman blurs the lines and genres.

Crystal Murray can excel in pop soul, with her raspy voice reminiscent of Macy Gray or Lauryn Hill, and deliver a searing rap on certain tracks, like Paybackpunctuated by percussion, mix between techno and afrobeats.

Payback, which means Retribution. This title sounds like a declaration of war on her ex-boyfriend


And in fact, this first album is, quite classically, a work composed after a romantic breakup. She delivers combat music, like the music video for Payback colored by a bloody dawn, where we see her accompanied by Amazons. On this album, Crystal Murray explores themes of toxic relationships, vulnerability, and personality changes linked to adolescence.

In Starmaniak and her clip, she denounces the attacks suffered by women on a daily basis. A title which, through its rhythm and the use of synthesizers, has an 80s sound.

Of style

Crystal Murray was a young teenager when she began her artistic career in a fashion collective: the Gucci Gang. She plays with her clothes, her silhouette and explains how to move on stage better by being in tight and sexy outfits.

And I particularly advise you to watch his clips to get a better idea of ​​his style, musical and visual, the two being linked.

Sad Lovers and Giants (BecauseMusic). Crystal Murray will defend it on stage in Spain on July 4, at the Cabaret vert festival in Charleville-Mézières on August 17 then in Montpellier at the Palmarossa festival on August 24.



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